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Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce

Updated on December 5, 2017
Thai sweet chilli sauce ingredients
Thai sweet chilli sauce ingredients | Source

Homemade Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce.

We LOVE this sauce....on so many levels! And then we got to thinking, why don’t we make this ourselves, minus all the additives. And as you probably know from experience, homemade is often so much better than shop bought!

Sweet chilli sauce Ingredients

  • 12 Large red chillies
  • 8 Garlic cloves
  • 2 Teaspoons Grated fresh ginger
  • 2 Teaspoons Salt
  • 300 ml Rice wine vinegar
  • 300g Sugar


  1. Put the chillies, peeled and roughly chopped garlic cloves, grated fresh ginger and salt into your food processor and whizz until you have a coarse paste. You still want a bit of texture.

Transfer the chilli paste to a pan

A word to the wise... the food processor has released all the oils in the chillis, so have your pan ready, remove your food processor lid and transfer the paste with a spatula straight to the pan and quickly add your sugar and rice wine vinegar. This will minimise the effects to your eyes and throat, especially if your chillis are strong! Light the gas/turn on the heat and bring to a boil.

Add sugar and rice wine vinegar to the pan along with the chilli paste.
Add sugar and rice wine vinegar to the pan along with the chilli paste. | Source

Nearly finished!

This really is a simple sauce! All you need to do now is gently simmer for between 5 to 10 minutes. It’s not an exact science, and because you are basically making a sugar syrup, it will thicken a little as it cools. Remove from the heat, allow to cool and bottle. You’ve finished! Store in the fridge.

Ingredients for Thai sweet chilli sauce
Ingredients for Thai sweet chilli sauce | Source

Hints and tips

1. Don’t be tempted to put your head over the food processor to smell the chillis once made into a paste!

2. This recipe makes approximately 300ml.

3. This sweet chilli sauce is also great with fried chicken!

4. Add a finely grated carrot to the pan with the sugar and vinegar to add thickness and texture to your sauce.

5. Chilli strength varies! Don’t be afraid to adjust this sauce to your own personal preferences, if you want less heat reduce the amount of chillies. If you find your sauce too hot for comfort, add another 100ml of rice wine vinegar and another 100g of sugar and simmer a little longer. Make a note of your changes for next time.

Bottle your sauce and store in the fridge.
Bottle your sauce and store in the fridge. | Source

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