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Sydney Fish Market

Updated on December 18, 2011
lobsters @ Sydney Fish Market
lobsters @ Sydney Fish Market | Source
Sydney Fish Market
Sydney Fish Market | Source

Fresh salmon, tuna, oysters, lobster, cooked prawns ahh....the many many seafoods you can have in Sydney Fish Market. With Christmas just around the corner the Sydney Fish Market have engaged in a 36-hours seafood marathon straight up to Christmas eve (23 Dec 5am to 24 Dec 5pm). Seafood are particularly well loved during Christmas in Sydney. Christmas is one of the busiest time of the year for the fish market with an estimated 100,000 customers coming to throng the market. Over a million of oysters and an estimated 90 tonnes of prawns will be sold for the festive season alone.

If you are planning to go to the Fish Market during this time of year, it is best to go via the Metro Light Rail or take the bus (bus 501 or 443) which operates continuously during this busy time. Parking are also available at a flat rate of $3 for 2hours. Tip: bring an esky to bring home your freshest seafood.

the oyster bar
the oyster bar

Sydney Fish Market is one of the largest fish market in the Southern Hemisphere and host the finest seafood from around Australia. On site the Fish Market, there are six seafood retailer - the fun of this market is that you can order and sit down to eat your seafood straight away! Fresh sashimi salmon and tuna or the many other type of crustaceans. Now, how fresh can that get? There are also ready cooked seafood or you can opt for an order to cook seafood at some of the stalls - mud crabs are the most popular with cook-in.

Established around 1966, Sydney Fish Market has a long history in Sydney, providing a myriad of fresh Australian seafood. There are two part to the market, the front part for normal retailing and the behind the scene where the many types of seafood are auctioned off in the wee early morning. The auction is held every weekday from 5.30am where thousand of crates are sold every hour. Want to know what goes on behind the scene in the early morning trade (and you are a morning person) you can can try the 'Behind the scenes tours' that are held every Monday, Thursday and Friday (except Public Holiday) at 6.40am SHARP! Cost for the tour are $20/person. Click here for booking or more info on the tour.

at the master class
at the master class | Source

For abit of fun and hard labour, Sydney Seafood School provide seafood cookery classes for all levels. Classes range from a 2 hours to 4 hours where you can have a chance of squelching out squids innards or shucking out fresh oysters. Some of the classes also include some of Australia's leading chefs doing live demonstration. For more information on the cooking classes visit the Sydney Seafood School website.


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