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Szamos Marcipan

Updated on June 9, 2012

Sugar Shopping Centre

If we are going to visit a shopping centre then our preference is for a small one. Me and I live in the 14th district so when we go to IKEA there, we are quite likely to stop off for a coffee in Sugar, a small and intimate little shopping centre, which makes it more pleasant to visit than the much larger Arkad across the road. Where better to choose for a coffee there than the lovely little Szamos Marcipan cafe. There are many of these cafes around Budapest but this is the one that we visit.

Bearing in mind that the cafe is in the shopping centre and the seating is in the middle of the concourse it has an airy and open terrace feel, while the furnishing creates the right kind of atmosphere to celebrate the style of this traditional Hungarian brand.

We have visited the cafe on many occasions and the quality is consistent and you can rely on getting a good coffee, a tasty ice-cream or a delicious cake time after time. On this particular occasion myself and I had ice coffee and Me had a cappuccino and an ice-cream dish made up of two lovely flavours: bon bon which included whole pieces of cherry and szatmari szilva which includes dried plum. The cappuccino came with a complimentary chocolate. We all got a small glass of water too, which is one of the little traditional niceties of the cafe culture that we all appreciate.

The service was good with a very polite waitress who reassured us that she wasn't pushing us to leave when she tidied our table.

This cafe is open from 9am to 8pm Monday to Saturday and from 10am to 6pm on Sundays.

Close up of what's on offer
Close up of what's on offer
A little something to take away
A little something to take away


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