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Updated on December 14, 2009

Our children never liked vegetables. It was hard for them to swallow this kind of food. They liked best those junk foods, fast foods, ice cream and other unhealthful foods. They enjoyed eating and together with soft drinks the more they are happy.

One reason why they don't like eating this kind of food because they were not trained to eat in the early months of their birth. Children can devour anything except vegetables.

Parents should now change their direction and train their children to eat vegetables as early as possible. Let them eat foods from the ground.

Child's first food should start from birth. When the child reaches the age of 7 months, parents then slowly include vegetables in his food. From time to time the routine is milk then solid food from vegetables. It takes time but later on the baby will become familiar to the natural taste of vegetables. When the child is old enough to join them in the table, parents set an example for him to observe and try. While eating vegetables, the child will surely refuse to eat, just let him try a little. The constant prodding of taking a little share in every meal will develop child's craving for the taste he once tried. This is the beginning of another big try.

Parents should include vegetable menu in their meal. Whatever kind of dish made of vegetables be serve on the table, always let the child try. This will be their main course of the day. Serve it first then the other dish to follow. To avoid distraction during their eating, be sure not to serve any kind of food that he can compare with the taste. Don't let him eat together with the dish made of chicken or meat or food that are very tasty. If you allow him to eat this serving, you'll going to square one.

Make a varied vegetable dish that can attract child's attention. Don't serve the same dish on the next day. Change and modify it everyday. Observe your child which of the vegetables he liked best. This will be your guide to make a different menu using the vegetable he liked. Always be observant to his eating habit. If he will now refuse to eat, just leave him. Don't force him. There is still another day when he has the mood of eating vegetables again.

Try doing vegetable snacks before meal. A plate of carrot, or radish or a cut of cauliflower. Make it into different serving for him to choose. You can let your child recognize the kind of vegetables you bought from the store. You can let him help you when you make a vegetable dish.

To entice him the importance of vegetable in the meal, you can do a little gardening in your own backyard. Let him help you so that it can develop into liking the way vegetables were raised. Continue your patience and encourage more for him to understand that vegetables is a healthy food. Never give up. Persuade him more. It is not easy but it is worth a try rather than no effort at all.


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    • profile image

      deshanna 5 years ago

      you should eat vegetables so you can be strong and heathy

    • profile image

      fuck_boy 7 years ago

      fuck u for losing my time.