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The Time Saving Joy Of Making One Pot Meals And More In Your Pressure Cooker! Save Plenty Of Time & Money Too!!

Updated on May 31, 2014

Attention gardeners. Don't forget about pressure canners to put up and preserve your harvests.

Pressure cooking is coming back into style and favor BIG TIME!

Pressure cookers are now in their THIRD GENERATION of sophistication and incorporation of safeties. No more worries about blowing up your kitchen and sending exploding shards of metal shrapnel and hot scalding food all over the ceiling and walls. That scary stuff is what turned off folks from pressure cooking for a very long time as those tales were handed down and retold over generations and scared people to death over the cooking method.. Note also, that nasty exploding stuff usually happened too because the cook wasn't paying close attention to their stove top pressure cooker way back then in Grandmas day. Possibly the chef's inattention was caused by partaking too much of the cooking sherry. In any event, as "they" also say, "we've come a long way baby".

Think of saving hundreds upon hundreds of cooking hours on a yearly basis by using a pressure cooker. Take the number of those hours and just multiply by $10 bucks per hour and you will see a great perspective of just how valuable saving all that cooking time will be for you, especially if you work all day. In addition, you can cook the tougher and much cheaper cuts of meats to fork tenderness in a pressure cooker that is very hard to do otherwise without long hours of stewing or braising. You will be saving on energy costs as well.

In our time hurried and frazzled workday, how can you beat coming home from work, taking a roast or other meat cut plus your veggies etc. out of the fridge and have a complete and tasty home prepared and cooked dinner ready in UNDER ONE HOUR in most cases? Amazing huh? Way, WAY faster than microwave cooking too in most instances, especially for a family or other group dinners and using nothing but the freshest of ingredients too. Even taking something frozen solid like meats, poultry or fish right out of the freezer will only add just a few more minutes of additional pressure cooking time. NO MORE DEFROSTING REQUIRED OR NEEDED!! No more being a galley slave to the cooking process.

The time saving conveniences of todays electric and programmable pressure cookers have turned the pressure cooker into virtually a "set it and forget it" device and very VERSATILE cooking tool. They are a bit pricey compared to a lot of the more prosaic and cheaper (maybe) stove top cookers but it all depends on how much automation you like to have to help save yourself a lot of investment in cooking time and attention.

One highly recommended brand of pressure cooker serves as SEVEN DIFFERENT COOKERS IN ONE DEVICE, saving even more money by not having to buy those additional cookers.

This particular multi-functionality device covers;

1. Pressure Cooking.

2. Slow Cooker (a la Crockpot) cooking.

3. Rice Cooker.

4. Saute/Browning Cooker.

5. Yogurt Maker.

6. Steamer .

7. Warmer.

When you think of cooking of "ONE POT MEALS" you certainly think of the following meals coming to mind as probably being among the most popular





Corned Beef and Cabbage

New England Boiled Dinners

This "one pot " dinner list can go on and on and is only limited by your imagination.

Take most any of your favorite family recipes for one pot meals and many more that are available in the pressure cooking cookbooks and certainly available online over the internet. . They can be very easily adapted to pressure cooking by merely changing the cooking times. No need to wait hours upon hours for the final and tasty results for a hungry family. You will have your results in usually in under one hour!! How fast is THAT?

Just about everyone who has done some serious cooking knows the amount of time it takes to prepare a fantastic chili, stew, or chowder.

Much of that time is the cooking process itself to adequately cook, and blend and meld the flavors together. Pressure cooking does this like no other cooking process ever invented! Possibly long stewing and braising has always done that trick BUT look how many hours of cooking time they took!! The pressurized steam does all that work for you!!

Search the internet and you will find plenty of info on pressure cookers, their prices, customer reviews, along with a lot of pressure cooker recipes to get you going. Most pressure cookers come with a cookbook too but the internet has a HUGE inventory of recipes to research and use.

If you research the internet, you will easily find pressure cooker recipes that are someone's contributed favorites to get your taste buds cranking and to demonstrate just some of the great versatility in cooking and cost savings that pressure cooking offers. As for myself, I "winged" recipes from childhood family memory and they were all fantastic too!

Try your favorite family recipes and just adjust the cooking times. You will be totally AMAZED at the tasty results and the wonders of pressure cooking.

Note; For all you avid gardeners out there, don't forget that there are high capacity pressure canners specifically designed to can all that great garden vegetable and fruit and berry harvests for stocking up your pantry.

Pressure canners are specially designed for this safety canning purpose and are also very high capacity compared to the one you would normally use to prepare daily meals. They are a great way to save even more money by complementing any freezing of your harvests and with a great degree of versatility that canning offers too.

Hungry yet?

Bye for now.


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