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Updated on April 17, 2010


Dinnerware encompasses china, stoneware, pottery and plastic. The basic chinaware includes the luncheon plates, salad or dessert plates, bread and butter plates, soup bowls, cups, saucers and platters. In choosing china, these factors are to be considered: (1) durability, (2) attractiveness in color, size, and shape, (3) suitability, and (4) possibility of replacements. Other considerations include:

1. cups should be shaped so that they do not easily tip and the handles should be large enough so they are easy to grasp. The cup should fit firmly in the saucer.

2 Plates that are round are easier to stack than square or free-form ones.

3. Heavily embossed patterns collect dust and dirt in the grooves and may need to be cleaned frequently with a brush.

4. There is an advantage in buying china in the open stock The sets have a harder possibility of individual piece replacement.


1. Ceramic — Includes earth materials such as sand, clay etc. and are processed by cooking in a kiln or baking.

2. Earthenware —

Is made from refined clay and other ingredients added to give it a whiter body. It is opaque and porous and more resistant to chipping or breakages than pottery.

3. Stoneware —

A hardware made of a single light clay and placed in a kiln at a high temperature. It is nonporous and very durable, but has a slightly gray cast.

4. Semivitrified —

Or semiporcelain is halfway between china and earthenware in body composition, cooking temperature and durability.

5. Ovenware —

Is clayware that is able to withstand the heat of a kitchen oven. It is usually casual is design and brightly colored.

6. China — Nonporous, non-absorbent type of clayware made of special white clay and cooked kiln at exceptionally high temperature. Finer grades are generally thin, translucent, resistant to chipping and will ring clearly when tapped.

7. Porcelain —

Is a hard, translucent clayware body that differs from china only in the manufacturing process.

8. Melamine —

Is the chemical name for plastic dinnerware. It is nonporous, non-absorbent, and resistant to break and chip.


1. Store dishes carefully to prevent breakage. Use pads between fine china and earthenware plates.

2. Wash them in warm water, and use either soap or mild detergent. Dry them with dish towels or let them drain dry.

3. Always put dishes gently in position to avoid scratching the glaze.

4. Cover china that are used infrequently to prevent them from becoming dusty and greasy.

5. Never leave coffee cups unrinsed, since the stain is sometimes difficult to remove.

6. Fine china should be warmed gradually. Never place it in a hot oven.


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    • profile image

      noreen kaye balahay 

      5 years ago

      i like dinner ware

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      7 years ago

      Hey, you've got an interesting hub on dinnerware! I like your tips for dinnerware care. I just launched an extensive portal on dinnerware called . Would you mind taking a look at it and tell me your opinion?

      Merry Christmas by the way!



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