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Taco Salad- A great dinner choice that is healthy as well as tastes good

Updated on November 2, 2015

My version Of taco salad!

I have come across lots of taco salad recipes but I always go back to when I was growing up and my friends grandma would make it, everyone in the neighborhood would come and sit down to a bowl full of taco salad. Ever since then I have made her taco salad but here lately I adjust it just a little bit. I hope you will enjoy it just as much.


The list of Ingredients here can be varied and adjusted to suite your own tastes and what you like on your salad.

One Head of lettuce. (Chopped)

1 pound of ground sirloin

1 pound of ground turkey

2 packets of Taco seasoning.

1 jar of slice black olives

1 jar of jalapeno's

1 jar of taco sauce

1 jar of salsa

1 Bag of Dorito's

1 Bottle of Catalina Dressing

1 container of Sour Cream

1 pound of mozzarella cheese. (shredded)

1 Onion (diced)

2 large tomatoes

I dont add much more because of touchy stomaches with the kids.

you could add a bunch more vegtables and such if thats how you like it. You may even add some refried beans.

Step One: Preparing the meat.

I take and brown our meat in one pan to help season both of the meats so you cant tell the differance between the both of them. I also add some diced onion to the meat while I brown it to savor in some onion taste to the meat as well. With the ground turkey you dont have much grease come out so you could just leave out some water with your taco seasoning. I follow the directions on the packet of taco seasoning. I sometimes leave out some of the seasoning because we have a 2 year old with acid reflux.

When you are done browning all the meat if you want to you can drain the little bit of grease off and add the seasoning and then let it sit to cool off a little bit. You dont want it to hot that it is going to wilt your lettuce.

Step Two: Combining all Ingredients.

At this point I put my shredded lettuce into a bowl and add the tomato's and then the onion that is left over, I also add the cheese and black olives and toss in the bowl. When this is done you can set a side and finish the salad.

Step three:Preparing the Plates.

When everything is ready to be dished out onto plates, I usually put the dorito's on the plate, First and then I add the lettuce on top of the chips. When that is done I add the meat. I pour the taco sauce on the meat and then add some sour cream and the add the Catalina salad dressing. I know what you think.. You dont see how the Catalina would taste good. But trust me It will and youll love it. I always eat mine this way. This should yield enough to have left overs for the following night or to take as lunches to school or work. Everyone that tastes it will love it. I hope you enjoy this. Thanks For reading our recipes.


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    • Auntie M profile image

      Auntie M 8 years ago

      Well that sounds like a real one dish meal. I also place a taco salad recipe on my hub. It is somewhat different but was also a hit. Might just have to try yours.


      Auntie M

    • christine almaraz profile image

      christine almaraz 8 years ago from colorado springs

      I always add taco rice to the bottom of the bowl. Yummie hub.