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Take a bite out of social media themed foods!

Updated on September 16, 2013

Now-a-days cake just isn’t as fun if frosted in a traditional way. With the advent of extreme decorating shows like Cake Boss and Charm City Cakes, bakers and cake decorators have been testing the boundaries on how intricate their designs can get. From rotating cakes to life-size statues covered in buttercream and fondant, baking has become an art form of tasty delights that foodies, dessert connoisseurs and salivating sweet-toothed individuals flock to experience. On top of checking out a patisserie in Paris, heading to a cupcake shop in New York or enjoying a cup of tea at a Macaroon bar, pictures are flooding all avenues of social media as we document these wonderful delights for the global audience to get a visual taste of decadence. Below are some great desserts that are social media inspired to pay homage to the platforms making us salivate and recreate these sumptuous treats.

Nerdy Nummies; Social Media Cake Pops

Rosanna Pansino is a tiny ball of energy that creates wonderful convections themed as popular culture icons. She does not disappoint with her colorful social media themed cake pops. In this enjoyable tutorial she explains how to create cake pops in the likeness of the icons for Facebook, Istagram, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, Pinterest, YouTube and Flickr. Watch and enjoy as she stumbles through her kitchen making these fun treats with easy to follow instructions.

Chocolate Mousse Instagram Dessert

This tasty treat will not disappoint both Instagram lovers and social media illiterates. This cake consists of layers of chocolate mousse, white chocolate mousse, a rainbow of jello, all this while being smothered in chocolate glaze. This is a truly decadent dessert made for the Instagramer’s delight but enjoyable by all.

Mini Twitter Bird Cookies

Make some yummy mini cookies with a basic sugar cookie dough recipe. Roll the dough out, cut out the shapes and design the iconic blue birds with royal icing.

Check out this great how-to video to ice your cookies like a pro.

Pinterest Sweets

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these hard candies as you pin away on your favorite platform. There will not disappoint the Pinterest enthusiast; they will keep their mouths closed and their fingers clicking away.

Social Media Themed Cookies

These terrific sugar cookies are courtesy of I Am Baker . Try catering your cookie designed for the next event you are throwing, perhaps as engagement party favors.

Or these…

Creative Cup Cakes

If cookies are not enough to satisfy your sweet tooth then try these yummy colorful cupcakes. They give you just the right amount of cake, can be made in any flavor you’d like and every lucky guest can pick their favorite social media platform to snack on.

Social Media Themed Cakes

If you are celebrating the birthday of a teen that you can’t seem to pry their smart phone from their delicate fingers, try giving them a delicious hint with a social media themed cake. Chose to adorn the cake with multiple platforms to celebrate every one which causes you child’s attention to fixated or feature the prime suspect. Whatever you choose, social media cakes can be crowd pleasers as we are all silently guilty and will be clicking away posting your choice of decadence.

Enjoy the nummies!


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