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Talisker - Why It Is Good

Updated on May 26, 2011

Talisker Whiskey

Talisker is a no nonsense scotch whisky. It's birth place is known as the Isle of Skye and it is the only single malt from this small island. It is recognized for its authentic peppery taste with higher peat content than other scotch whiskeys. As a result, the strong phenol intensity and taste could be too much for the untailored whisky drinker. This flavor is chiefly present in the ten-year old edition, while the eighteen-year old one has a less flamboyant anda more delicate taste. Talisker eighteen-year old is so good that it won the Best Single Malt competition

The Talisker factory began producing special bottles of the whisky for enthusiasts since the start of the year 2000. The production began with twenty and twenty-five year old bottles. The twenty-five year old bottles were sold more extensively even though it was more costly than the twenty-year old bottles.

Talisker Scotch Whiskey
Talisker Scotch Whiskey

Talisker whisky is found in popular drinks such a theJohnnie Walker product line. Talisker is mostly present in Johnnie Walker’s Green Label, a premium blended scotch whisky.


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