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Tea Parties To Make You Feel Special

Updated on February 14, 2018

Drink More TEA

Tea is good for you and comes in unlimited varieties. When you have tea, who needs coffee? My family has given me so much grief over my lack of desire for coffee. I never developed a taste for it and prefer a good cup of tea in its place.

When coffee is served, rarely is it served in a cute pot, but is usually served in a traditional coffee container. No pretty china or special touch is provided with your brew. Not so with tea! Quite often you are served hot water in a small metal teapot and a teabag on the side for dunking, in addition to a slice of lemon or lime for added flavor. Chinese restaurants are popular places for tea drinkers. They often provide a personal china teapot full of steeping hot tea.

A Special Gift

My husband's grandmother blessed me with several teapots over the years. Some were purchased in foreign countries and others were from unknown origins. I cherish one special teapot more than any of the others. It is hand painted with pink flowers and has a most interesting shape. It was made in Corpus Christi, Texas, along the Gulf. In addition to this special teapot, I have several elegant teacups that match. Invite me to a tea party and I will bring my favorite teapot!.


A good teacup makes tea drinking very special. Whatever tea you prefer, it will taste better in a teacup. Teacups and Teapots make excellent gifts for Christmas or birthdays. Searching for a special cup or pot can make a special event memorable!

Choose Your Tea Flavor

A great Aunt visited our home a couple of years ago. She was kind enough to bring an assortment of tea as a hostess gift. I loved tasting the new flavors. It was a fun gift to receive.

In general, I am a simple tea drinker. I am content with a cup of Lipton Tea. Give me a slice of lemon and I am in heaven. I do have a second favorite. Orange Spice Tea is hard to beat. I will drink it whenever I can.

Tea Shops

Many of the larger malls today have at least one tea shop. They provide tea samples for their customers to taste the flavors of several teas In hopes of selling you a new flavor. You can order a hot cup of tea to go. In addition you will find a variety of teapots available for purchase. Their styles will range from metal pots to fine china pots. Much of the tea sold in these shops is sold as loose tea. With loose tea, you will need a strainer for the tea leaves. Fill the strainer with leaves, dip, let it sit and sip. These brewed teas can be rather strong. I personally prefer a weaker tea, not too intense.

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The Tea World

Some finer hotels provide high tea for guests in the afternoons at a cost. These tea parties include fancy cakes and desserts to tickle the taste bud along with a pot of a chosen or favorite tea. If you have a chance to attend a high tea, you will enjoy it! Take a friend and sip some tea.

I don't anticipate my tea habits will change any time soon. Coffee does not call my name. I will remain a tea drinker. Speaking of drinking tea, the weather is perfect for a hot cup of your favorite tea. Drink a cup and stay warm!


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  • GiftedGrandma profile image


    7 years ago from USA

    Was a coffee drinker but have turned to tea recently. I don't like it strong.

  • Pamela99 profile image

    Pamela Oglesby 

    7 years ago from United States

    I drink tea everyday and I always have several different choices available. I like you gift options also.

  • PaulaK profile imageAUTHOR

    Paula Kirchner 

    7 years ago from Austin. Texas

    I love all of these tea comments. Lilibees, that is quite a list. Thanks for sharing the therapeutic value of tea. Thanks Breakfastpop for stopping by! Sorry Merlin, I must have had a brain freeze. Specialk3749, ice tea is delicious and we drink a lot of it in the summer in Texas!

  • Specialk3749 profile image

    Karen Metz 

    7 years ago from Michigan

    I prefer tea over coffee too! My favorite is iced tea.

  • Merlin Fraser profile image

    Merlin Fraser 

    7 years ago from Cotswold Hills

    And there was me thinking the greates tea drinking nation in the world was going to get a mention...

  • breakfastpop profile image


    7 years ago

    I love tea and your gift suggestions are terrific.

  • lilibees profile image


    7 years ago

    I love tea as well I drink tea for many different reason, peppermint or cinnamon flavored for when I have a upset stomach, blueberry for a diet supplement,chamomile for my migraines oh wow the list goes on love your hub!


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