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Tea Time Review #3: Good Earth Sweet & Spicy

Updated on July 24, 2014
Good Earth's Sweet and Spicy Herbal Tea
Good Earth's Sweet and Spicy Herbal Tea | Source

Sweet & Spicy Herbal Tea

I have been on a continual quest to find good tasting tea that will produce a delightful experience when consumed. During one such journey I came across Good Earth's "Sweet & Spicy" herbal tea. I like both sweet and spicy as separate entities. This made me curious as to whether Good Earth could create magic when joining the two flavors.

The Sweet & Spicy herbal tea can be found at various vitamin stores as well as online and many of the popular grocery stores. On average, it wil cost you $4.00 per 18 pack.

Good Earth crafts a caffeine free blend of spices that is free of preservatives, artificial colors or flavoring. Sweet and Spicy has also been certified Kosher by The Orthodox Union. To receive this certification, food must be prepared a certain way. For example, fruits from trees planted in the past three years may not be eaten. To learn more about Kosher certification please visit below:

Explaination of Kosher

List of Certifications

A motivational quote can be found attached to each bag of tea.
A motivational quote can be found attached to each bag of tea. | Source

Good For You, Good For Earth

Good Earth Makes their commitment to the earth and the environment explicitly known. They use 100% recycled material for their cartons. They are currently working on producing a recyclable packaging for the sealed envelope that holds the tea bag.

Upon opening the packaging, I noticed the Good Earth added one more cool benefit; every tea bag comes with tag that has a motivational quote on it. It may not make your tea taste better, however it improves the level of you tea time experience.





Taste and Rating

Good Earth's motto is that they make "Untamed Tea", they seek out the exotic and unexpected. After finishing a cup, I can say they have lived up to their motto. They masterfully took two potentially overpowering flavors and made them work cohesively to generate a bold invigorating taste. The Rooibos red tea gives it a rich color. The Cinnamon and Ginger root provide the bold spicy flavor that will perk you up.Orange oil and peel provide sweetness. Natural flavor is third on the list of ingredients. On Good Earth's website, they say:

"the sweet taste is created from the combination of natural ingredients. Some teas contain Stevia, a naturally derived sweetener."

I am making the assumption that Stevia extract is used to achieve the intense sweetness. Lemongrass, Peppermint, Chicory Root, and Chamomile are also present in this unique mixture. You can drink Sweet and Spicy either hot or cold, however I believe serving it hot would be the preferred method.

Overall, I was very satisfied with the taste of the Sweet & Spicy. The flavoring didn't compete, but rather worked together to form the perfect marriage.I give the tea "Two Thumbs Up."


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