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Tea Wine Chocolate

Updated on January 31, 2011

Tea, Wine and Chocolate are very different types of food and you may be wondering what they have in common. The answer is that they have flavonoids, chemical compounds common to them that is able to improve your memory, improve brain power and increase your overall health! Flavonoids are if you have not heard of them before power antioxidants something which should sound more familiar, they protect you from cell damage that can be caused by free radicals. Free radicals are harmful substances that can be formed due to pollution, smoking as well as from things like harmful radiation. Free radicals can also occur naturally.

What Tea, Wine and Chocolate contain are compounds known as polyphenols and have been studied intensively on their positive effects on the human body. Scientific studies have shown that those who regularly consumed tea, wine and chocolate have been able to lower their risks of a poor cognitive score by 70 percent according to the January/February 2011 issue of Scientific American.

This investigation was published in 2009 categorizing research of 2000 adults over their 70s. This was done in the University of Oslo in Norway.

But even if you are a rather young person, it is also likely that the cocoa in chocolate, or the flavonoids in Tea and Wine will go a long way to improving your cerebral functions. If it has such significant effects on 70 year olds, it probably works quite well on those in their 20s and 30s.

Don't worry if you don't really like these 3 kinds of food, other stuff can be good for you too. This includes things like tofu or berries like Vaccinium Cynanococcus, better know as blueberries. They can contain things like Genistein and daidzein which are part of Isoflavones which is also a kind of flavonoid. Other greens that you may or may not like to eat also include their own pet chemical compounds that assist your brain power! Popeye's spinach contains a few flavonols!

15 years ago, scientists used experiments by having rats eat certain different diets, some with a particular set of foods, others with a more classic chow. They discovered that fruits and vegetables were able to improve the brain performance of this rats.


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