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Tea's Special Story and History

Updated on May 4, 2013

Tea Time!

Tea Production

The Republic of China produces the most tea in the world. The Republic of China is followed by India,Sri Lanka and Turkey in tea production. Over all world tea production was 4.73 tons in 2008.

Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

A daily spot of tea is very beneficial to our bodies. Tea contains antioxidants that fight disease. Tea also contains fluoride which contributes to healthy teeth.

According to The Washington Post "Only second to water tea is quickly becoming one of the world's most consumed beverages. The research surrounding tea and its health benefits has boosted its popularity."


The Chinese cultivated the most popular beverage in the entire world; tea in approximately 2737 B.C.

The Dutch and Portuguese traders were the first to introduce tea to Europe in the sixteenth century.London coffee houses made tea available in 1657.l Tea was shipped in tall sailing vessels called Clipper Ships The custom of drinking tea in the late afternoon tea began in the 1800's. Tea Shops were an acceptable place for women to socialize.The Irish drink the most tea in the world today. They like to drink very strong milk.tea; with a little milk. The Dutch brought tea with to North America in the 17th century. The Colonial's valued the British custom of tea drinking very much. Unfortunately tea was taxes were very high. The Americans had a smuggling problem like the British.

Tetley Tea Company began in England over 160 years ago. Tetley Tea Company began to distribute tea throughout the United States in 1888 Iced tea was promoted at the Worlds Fair.

Boston Tea Party

1773 a group of colonial men dressed up as Indians. They dumped the tea cargo of three British ships into the Boston Harbor. John Hancock organized this revolt and it contributed to the beginning of the Revolutionary War.The colonialists were angry about heavy fees the British authorities levied on them.

Sweet Iced Tea and Regular Iced Tea

In the Southern part of United States Sweet Iced Tea is very popular. The only difference between Regular Iced Tea and Sweet Iced Tea is a tremendous amount of sugar. Iced Tea became very popular when the refrigerator was invented.



What's Cooking

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Washington Post

Tea Drinking

There four different types of tea; white, green, and black. Just four different types and when combined makes almost infinite varieties.Tea.


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