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Make Healthy Meals with a Tefal Steamer

Updated on August 29, 2010

A steamer is a great way to quickly cook food healthily and a Tefal steamer is one of the most popular brands for several reasons. Tefal was one of the first companies to produce an electric steamer with the launch of the innovative Tefal 3 tier steamer in 1997. Tefal have a history of producing innovative kitchen ware as they also invented the non-stick frying pan in 1954. Since then the company have been well known for producing good quality cookware which is well designed in terms of both style and functionality.

Tefal steamers are a great way to cook healthy food for you and your family. Steaming food rather than boiling or frying it retains nutrients, flavor and color and does not require the addition of any oil or other fats. You can use a tefal steamer to cook vegetables, meat, fish, rice and even eggs to perfection every time.

So how exactly does a Tefal food steamer make your life easier? The innovative 3-tier design allows you to cook a whole meal in one go – the items that take longer to cook are placed in the first tier and then you can add vegetables and other quick cooking items to the top tiers at a later time.  You do not need an oven or any other kitchen item for an electric steamer as it simply plugs into the wall. The clear sides also let you see the food being cooked, do not become hot to the touch and allow you to easily lift each section to taste the food.

Everyone knows that lots of fresh vegetables are important for a healthy diet but boiling vegetables can cause them to quickly lose their nutrients and color and frying or roasting adds additional fat which is not good if you’re watching your waistline. By using a Tefal vitamin plus steamer, the maximum amounts of vitamins are retained in the vegetables and they will keep their bright color and crunchy texture.

There are various models of Tefal steamer to choose from to suit individual requirements. The Tefal Ultra Compact VC1000615 steamer, 3 tier, chrome body is a popular choice and looks great as well as being a useful item. This steamer has stackable baskets which make it take up less space in your kitchen and has a 9 liter capacity allowing you to even cook a whole chicken! Great for large families, this steamer cooks food much faster than models from other manufacturers and is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

The Tefal Vitacuisine VS400116 steamer is another popular model with a 3-in-1 design. All the flavors of the individual steaming compartments are kept separate so you can even cook your dessert at the same time as your main meal. The food baskets are stainless steel for extra durability and there is a reversible non stick fish plate included which can be used to either cook food in sauces or drain the juices from meat and fish. This 10 liter capacity steamer also features a vitamin plus booster button which cooks food faster and retains up to 50% more vitamins.

As well as the classic steamers, you can also buy a Tefal rice steamer specifically designed to cook rice perfectly every time. The Tefal automatic slow cooker, rice cooker ,steamer is a 4 in one device that functions as a slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer and even porridge maker! Styled in brushed steel, this rice cooker looks great in any kitchen and features a keep warm setting, a delayed start for rice cooking and a non-stick inner bowl for easy cleaning. It is the perfect solution for cooking breakfast in the morning, perfect steamed rice and one pot dishes such as stews and casseroles.


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