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Temple news agency.

Updated on August 18, 2016
Temple News Agency: Found in Google images search
Temple News Agency: Found in Google images search | Source

I often eat at quaint little local coffee shops as I travel, but not to often do I visit one so note worthy as Temple News Agency. The quiet little coffee shop sits at the corner of Jefferson Ave and indiana Ave in laporte indiana. The moment I walked in I was greeted by the workers very politely and was offered a seat at the "bar", which was essentially a long desk with a view of ice cream at one end and cookies on the other. As I made my way to the seat furthest from the ice cream ,so as to not be cold, I noticed there was also a room with instruments, books for purchase, and a comfortable resting area. I ordered a vanilla creme latte and cookies and cream ice cream and made my way to my seat. At approximately $3.50 I'd say it was a good purchase. I had sat down at the small table by the window in the book room with a wonderful 1.00 book that is now at my home on my own coffee table. The coffee was first, I sipped it at first because it was hot but it was delicious, it was simple and flavourful. The ice cream didn't last long afterwards either. All in all I would recommend a visit to this little shop, I give it a 8/10


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