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The Sweet Medicine called honey

Updated on May 17, 2012

Medicinal value of honey and its test for purity

Honey has been an important source of nutrition for human beings. In recent times the medicinal values of honey is getting established. Some of the medicinal values and application of honey is given below in brief.

· Application of honey for healing of wounds has been reported in ancient Greek literature which is becoming known to modern civilization. In cases of burn application of honey not only gives comfort or cooling effect but it also helps in faster healing of the wound.

· It appears to have favourable effect on cardio vascular diseases and respiratory complaints

· It promotes sleep

· In some cases it has been found to be powerful in treating drug resistant bugs

· The research is continuing and Kiwis are far ahead than others in this efforts

Simple tests to get an idea of purity of honey

1. Water Test – Put a drop of honey into water. See how it behaves once it is inside the water. Impure honey will dissolve while pure honey drop will stick together and settle down at the bottom. If we get a mixed result, well that gives an idea of impurity proportion.

2. Inflammable Test- Take a small piece of cloth and roll it into a wick like shape. Dip this in the honey and try to burn this wick with the help of a lighter or a candle. Pure honey will burn effortlessly while the impure one will resist to burn and there may be cracking sounds announcing the impurity of the honey you are testing.

3. Absorption test – Put a few drops of honey on blotting paper. The pure one will get absorbed whereas or the impure one will act differently.

4. Definitive Test – Aniline chloride test is one such test which determines the purity of honey in a scientific manner. Aniline chloride is 3 parts aniline and one part hydrochloride acid. A small amount of honey is taken in a vessel, preferably porcelain, and a few drops of aniline chloride is added to the hone. A change in colour to crimson red is the danger sign or bad news. It indicates impure honey

So honey must be a part of our regular food and it has the potential to sweeten our lives!



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