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Thai restaurants in Ealing London

Updated on May 19, 2013

Thai restaurants in Ealing are some of the best in London. There are a large number of Thai people in the area - so naturally there are also lots of restaurants. And the cooking is fantastic!

Most of the restaurants are concentrated within a small area - perhaps a one or two mile radius of Ealing Broadway. This is great for the general consumer and people living in Ealing as it means that they can try lots of different restaurants and find the one that they like the most.

Each of the restaurants varies slightly in quality, though they are all very good. According to a Thai chef I know, some are more authentic than others - but then being a chef she is a natural critic of Thai dishes in restaurants.

If you're looking for a great night out beginning with excellent Thai food, then visiting one of the restaurants around Ealing is a great place to start. Here's a guide to which Thai restaurants to try.

Thai Canteen restaurant in Ealing, London
Thai Canteen restaurant in Ealing, London


4 stars for Thai Canteen
A marker24 New Broadway London W5 2XA -
24 New Broadway, London, Greater London W5 2XA, UK
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Thai Canteen in Ealing Broadway

Thai Canteen

Thai Canteen is on the busy Ealing Broadway around a five or 10 minute walk from the station. It's a fairly new restaurant and is decorated very well on the inside. There are the beautiful reds and gold traditional to Thai culture, and there are statues of Thai women in traditional costume. The tables are solid heavy wood and there are soft comfy seats. The lighting is perfect - not too bright but not so dim you can hardly see. The ambiance is great, with soft music playing.

The food at Thai Canteen is also excellent. Meals are not too expensive - a main course is around £6 of £7. And the authenticity according to my Thai chef accomplice is very good - one of the best in Ealing.They have regular special dishes, which are great for main course or desert.

Service is excellent, there's a bar with lots of alcohol and the waiters and waitresses are friendly. It might be imagined that such a place would be very busy, however the inside is quite large, which makes it possible to get a secluded table away from other people. Definitely a recommended place to visit.

Perhaps the only issue is with parking. There is nowhere directly outside the restaurant though if you park on a side street it's just a one minute walk. Parking spaces should be available during the day at a cost and at night for free.

A marker57 The Mall, London W5 3TA -
57 The Mall, London Borough of Ealing, W5, UK
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Silom Village

Silom Village

Silom Village is situated on the busy Ealing Broadway. It's very close to the tube station (just turn left out of Ealing Broadway and walk 50metres to the traffic lights). If you're travelling during the day by car then limited council parking spaces on the street are available. However, at nighttime there are no parking restrictions.

The food at Silom village is served very quickly, and it is a good quality. The portions are large and it is one of the cheapest of all the Thai restaurants in Ealing. The décor is clean and simple, with no Thai decorations like other restaurants. Tables and chairs always give an indication of the budget level of a restaurant and these are probably in the middle - not cheap but expensive. Silom Village great place to go for a quick Thai lunch or meal after work. The restaurant tends to be very busy during peak hours, which again gives a good clue as to how good it is. The place is always popular, and people tend to like the decent-sized portions which don't cost too much.

A marker14 St Mary's Rd, London, Greater London W5 5ES -
14 Saint Mary's Road, London Borough of Ealing, London W5 5ES, UK
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Butlers Thai

Butlers Thai

Butlers Thai restaurant is slightly further away from the tube station - probably around a ten minute walk - but there are more parking spaces available which cost nothing in the evening.

Thai Butler - as it is sometimes known - is decorated on the inside with tradition Thai ornaments, colours and flowers. There are candles and low-lighting, which makes it better for a romantic meal or a special night out. It usually pretty quiet, with a mixture of couple and friends enjoying a Thai dish. It's also a favourite of Danny O'Donoghue from BBC 1 show The Voice, and lead singer of the Irish band The Script.

Portions of food at Butlers Thai are slightly smaller, but they are a slightly higher quality, and they are more expensive than the 'fast' Thai food places. Authenticity levels measured against food in Thailand are around 80 per cent.

Service at Butlers Thai is excellent - very friendly - and they have a good selection of wines and beers to choose from. Perhaps the only downside is that to reach the toilet you have to go through a back door and walk to a toilet at the end of the building, which isn't great in the depths of winter. Thai Butler also does takeaways.


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