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Thai food signature dishes - Pad Thai, Papaya salad, coconut water, pineapple stuffed rice and more

Updated on January 10, 2012

Thai food has its unique flavors that I definitely crave from time to time. Thai cuisine has many flavors including sweet, sour and spicy in its signature dishes. This Southeast Asian country shares some similarities with its neighboring countries in which they all use fish sauce and some other spices. Even though I am a big lover of Thai food, I am not especially fond of the strong odors of fish sauce. Those restaurants that put too much of this ingredient in their food makes me not want to eat the dish. If you are used to Japanese food, this is way different from it. Okay, without further delay, I will introduce to you the gorgeous dishes and desserts of Thailand.

Pad Thai – This is the most famous Thai dish that many foreigners are familiar with. This is hands down my favorite dish out of everything I tried so far. They cooked rice noodles in a special sauce with either seafood, beef, chicken or mixed vegetables. Chefs usually put crushed peanuts and a wedge of lime with it. The lime juice is used to balance the sweetness of the dish. I really like this dish because of the sweet and sour taste. This is unlike anything I had in the past and you will need to give this a try if you haven't already.

Thai Toast – This is Thai styled fried bread and chicken. This is a really great introduction to Thai food if you haven't eaten it too much in the past. It tastes very good and do not contain any exotic spices or sauces. You will really love this dish. Highly recommended for a novice Thai food eater.

Satay beef or chicken – This is barbecued beef or chicken. The meat is marinated in a special sauce and this dish usually comes with a peanut sauce for dipping. In my opinion, the peanut sauce is great with the meat. This dish is recommended for a novice Thai food eater.

Thai Curries (red, green, yellow and Massaman) – I am not a big fan of curry because most are a little bit spicy. The green curry is the least spicy out of all I think. But if you like curry, a Thai restaurant definitely gives you a very nice selection of different types of curries.

Green papaya salad (Som Tam) – This is a signature Thai salad that uses young green papaya. The green papaya is shredded into thin long pieces and mixed with many different seasonings for a delightful salad. For the locals, this salad is known as Som Tam. Some restaurants put in very little fish sauce which is what I prefer. Other restaurants put a lot of fish sauce in it that I cannot eat it. Those that have very little fish sauce in it is definitely very good and refreshing salad.

Tom Yum soup – This is a signature Thai soup that everyone from Thailand is familiar with. I haven't tried this but a lot of people have recommended this dish to me.

Thai cucumber salad – This is a very refreshing and somewhat sweet salad that is very different than other American salads. Be warned, this is on the sweeter side. Nevertheless, it is very good tasting salad that I would order again.

Stuffed Chicken wings – This is the chicken wing stuffed with glass noodles, vegetables and other stuff depending on the restaurant. It is served with either sweet and sour or plum sauce. If you are somewhat new to Thai food, this is highly recommended for you to try first.

Thai pineapple fried rice – This is fried rice but much better. Here is what I mean. If you are familiar with Chinese fried rice, it tends to be somewhat oily at most restaurants and even more at fast food places. Thai fried rice is much less oilier. I will definitely say that Thai styled fried rice is so much better. When it is put in the pineapple, it is even more tasty. It is fried rice but with the smell and flavors of pineapple. It makes the whole dish lighter, less oily and even more tasty.

Pure coconut water – This is nature's best gift for all living things. Pure coconut water is widely available in tropical countries where it is warm enough for the coconut tress to grow. Young coconuts (green) have lots of water in it. The coconut water is widely sold in Thai restaurants that you have to give this wonderful water a try. It is hard to describe the flavors but I have been hooked ever since trying it when I was twenty years old. I can never get enough of this coconut water.


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      6 years ago

      About coconut water you are right, I like it very much, unfortunately in my country it is not possible to find the green coconut so I am obliged to drink only packed coconut water. I haved dedicated a website to coconut water named, only in italian


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