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Thank Your Cook

Updated on October 10, 2011
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The author has degrees in mathematics and education. She loves to travel, sightsee, sample local cuisine, and plan special events.

Food service workers, who help keep our bodies safe and healthy, should be some of the most highly valued and highly paid individuals. Think for a moment of all the men and women throughout your life that you have trusted to prepare your food, whether in the home or at restaurants. You have trusted food preparers and servers with your health and wellbeing. You have trusted them to have the courtesy, brotherly/sisterly love, and respect for mankind to ensure that the food they have prepared and are serving keeps us safe from danger and harm. Such individuals deserve our courtesy, love, and respect in return. Things we often take for granted should not be. Let’s think again! Chefs in big restaurants and caterers for social occasions are often paid a hefty sum for their services. One reason is because you want the best possible food and food service for your guests. You don’t want any of your guests to become ill from the food served or the utensils used at your social affair.

In at least one or two past occasions, I have been guilty of frowning and showing discontent with the food and sent it back for something else, not realizing the consequences of my inappropriate frowning. I was younger then and didn’t realize the consequences of my own actions. Since those younger days, I have grown. If the food is not to my liking or something is wrong with it, I send it back with a smile after explaining the problem and I always say “thank you” in advance and “thank you” upon his/her return with the changed order. I want to ensure that the food that is brought back is better than what I had before and that it is handled with care.

I believe all food preparers and servers should be paid above minimum wage and comparable to their time and care in preparing and serving the food. Our health and wellbeing depends upon their good service. Wives, husbands, or other workers in the home or at work who cook, clean, and prepare/serve food should receive a nice allowance/pay for their services, in addition to a “thank you” with a smile. All individuals who do a good job in keeping us safe from harm are priceless. In addition to cooks and servants in homes, restaurants, and hotels, this large population of individuals also includes health care professionals and medical assistants who do a terrific job in helping to keep us healthy and safe. We have to eat and consume liquids, and at times consume medicines.

Have we taken many in this large population for granted? Many of us would not be here today if it were not for the dignity, pride, and love of life held by such workers in the home, restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, and other places. So, the next time you are tempted to argue with a waiter, cook, or nurse, think twice! Do you really want to upset a person that you are depending on for your wellbeing? It takes a small amount of energy to be kind and courteous, but it takes a lot of energy to be mean and hateful. Think of all the wrinkles that form in the face when you are mean and hateful. Next time before you ask “What’s for dinner?” say “Hello, how are you” first. Keep a smile on your face and say “thank you” every minute of the day, if necessary and “Pay up!”



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