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Thanksgiving - Allergy Kids

Updated on November 21, 2011

I know the holidays can be a complicated place for the people with a lot of food sensitivities, I thought I would share some of the things I have learned over the years being the parent of an allergy sensitive child.

Top Ten Tips:

1. If you try and avoid MSG - watch your chicken broth. They sell many organic chicken broths now, choose one of them and use it in preparing your holiday foods such as soup and stuffing.

2. Stuffing - watch the labels, many have MSG, pepperidge farms is my favorite.

3. If you must stay away from nuts, try soy nut butter, you can use it as you would peanut butter in all of your recipes. It tastes great and makes good sandwiches too.

4. Vitaline - Alka-Aid - I learned of this from the book Is This My Child, by Dr. Doris Rapps.

5. When choosing cakes and icing, go chocolate over vanilla. Vanilla has many food colorings and preservatives.

6. When choosing candy, choose chocolate bars over colored treats, always read your labels.

7. Learn what NAET is and what the Feingold diet is.

8. Learn what the allergy elimination diet is and work with your allergist's test results as a place to start.

9. Do not use food colorings, dyes, etc. Check out natural ways to dye your food, there are many for any color you may want.

10. Whole fruits and vegetables are wonderful snacks and they do not have anything added to them, organic is the best.

It takes time to read labels and prepare home cooked meals. The results of being able to eat many foods and not have to worry about your allergies makes it all worth it. Happy Holidays!


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