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Thanksgiving Dinner - Thanksgiving Dishes and Table Setting Ideas

Updated on December 3, 2019
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Nyesha loves writing content about cooking & food recipes, restaurant reviews, movie reviews, television shows, weddings, and poetry.

Thanksgiving Dinner - Thanksgiving Dishes & Table Setting Ideas

Thanksgiving dinner
Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving Day Dishes and Table Setting Ideas

Thanksgiving Day Dishes and Table Setting Ideas

Each year, when Thanksgiving day comes around in November, I am excited cook lots of food and to make Thanksgiving day special for my family. That is if we do not travel to visit other relatives on Thanksgiving day. It has been a while since we traveled somewhere else for Thanksgiving.

  • In recent years, we have enjoyed celebrating Thanksgiving together at home and a couple of times, we hosted our own visitors who came over to our home for Thanksgiving dinner.
  • The Thanksgiving day dishes and Thanksgiving day table setting ideas that I offer in this hub are from a recent year when we were the hosts for Thanksgiving dinner.

While it is relatively simple, there are some very specific things that I like to recommend the use of when you are hosting a special occasion dinner such as Thanksgiving dinner at your home.

The Food - Thanksgiving Day Dishes

Thanksgiving Day Dishes

As the photos show, many and various dishes were cooked for this Thanksgiving day meal. Currently (our most recent couple of annual Thanksgiving dinners), I will often cook a Turkey as our only meat dish on a Thanksgiving day because a turkey is just so huge and offering it to everyone as the only meat served alongside the side dishes helps to make sure that not too much of the turkey gets wasted or that there is not an excessive amount of leftovers to go on for days and days. This strategy has been working pretty well. (We will typically have a meal that includes turkey, stuffing, gravy, corn, cranberry sauce, and sweet potato pie for example.) One could readily “build a plate” of food as each dish is added to the Thanksgiving day dinner plate.

Nevertheless, back on the Thanksgiving day when most of these particular photos were taken, (a few years ago), I had cooked a plethora of dishes including various meats in addition to the turkey.

  • Curried beef with curried potatoes was one such meat dish.
  • White rice paired well with the curried beef.
  • Codfish patties were also made.
  • Tomato and lettuce salad, layered in a container was also made.

Needless to say, many different dishes were cooked for that Thanksgiving day.

Flowers and lit candles help to create a beautiful table setting at Thanksgiving dinner

pink carnations
pink carnations
pink carnations and candles
pink carnations and candles
Thanksgiving dinner plate of food
Thanksgiving dinner plate of food
plentiful food with a large variety of choices
plentiful food with a large variety of choices

Table Setting Ideas for Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving day Table Setting Ideas

  1. A tablecloth. – Using a tablecloth for Thanksgiving dinner is one prominent Thanksgiving day table setting idea. Tablecloths might get dirty and have to be washed relatively often so you will want to have a few of them to rotate/alternate use of and have for back up use when the table cloth that you use most often might be needing to be laundered. Fabric tablecloths are ideal as opposed to the plastic, vinyl or disposable paper ones but fabric tablecloths do not have to be expensive.There is a fabric store in my neighborhood, not too far from where I live. (Joanne’s Fabrics to be specific) and it is very possible to get some great deals there. You can use a couple of yards of various types of fabrics to serve the purpose of tablecloths. Pictured in the photos of this hub, the pretty table cloth is actually a fabric remnant that was being sold at a per yard discount price at the Joanne’s Fabric store. I paid just around $2 for it! It was an awesome deal and in my opinion, it looks so pretty whenever we put it on our dining table.

Candles - Thanksgiving dinner by candle light

2. Candles- I love to use lit candles on the dining table. Candle light dinner is just so lovely. I highly recommend adding a candle or two to your Thanksgiving day dinner table.


3. Flowers- I love flowers so much and fresh cut bouquets of various flowers can be so very reasonably priced at the supermarket sometimes. The pink carnations shown in these photos cost only around $4.99 for a small bouquet at the supermarket. Flowers that are delivered from a florist or sold at a florist shop would be more expensive. I find that purchasing flowers from the supermarket is usually a great deal. The pink carnations here in these pictures are flowers that I decided to display in a short vase instead of a tall vase and cutting the stems accordingly just took a few minutes to complete. Displaying flowers in a short vase instead of a tall vase on a dining table can give dinner guests an unobstructed view of each other so that they can chat for example. Adding flowers to the table is an elegant touch for the Thanksgiving day table setting.


4.While it might seem a bit cumbersome and involves lots of clean up and loading of the dishwasher, I wouldn’t compromise on using some great quality dinnerware including the plates, glasses and utensils as opposed to disposable plastic or paper dinnerware. Using nice silverware, plates, and glasses adds to the charm of the Thanksgiving day dinner table setting. You might even want to consider using your cloth napkins (if you have some) instead of the paper napkins or cloth or canvas place mats instead of the plastic or vinyl type of place mat.

You will find that all of these Thanksgiving Day table setting ideas will be appreciated by your family and guest(s) and everything will seem more lovely and special.

What item do you think you would love most at your Thanksgiving day dinner table?

What item do you think that you would most love to have at your Thanksgiving day dinner table?

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