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The 8 Best Cups of Coffee in Dublin

Updated on December 13, 2017

Coffee in Dublin

Dublin's Ha'penny Bridge
Dublin's Ha'penny Bridge
TwoFiftySquare Coffee
TwoFiftySquare Coffee

Hot Drinks for Cold Winter Nights in Dublin

From a country with a reputation for drinking nothing but Guinness and Jameson, the quantity of independent coffee shops producing some of the finest coffee in the world that are setting up around Dublin may come as a surprise!

It seems that every day another artisan coffee shop is setting up on the corner of Dublin's CBD and surrounding areas. Of course, with each new establishment comes the bold claim to be the 'best coffee in Dublin'. This is where I thought that I would step in and give my two cents on what I would consider (as a Dublin native and huge coffee lover) the best coffee shops in Dublin.

Peacock Green (Leeson Street)

Probably the most underrated coffee shop on the Dublin coffee scene is Peacock Green. These small old-school cafes produce an underappreciated blend of coffee. The conveniently located coffee shops on Leeson Street, Hatch Street, and Merrion Road make sure that no matter what part of the city you are in you will always be close to an excellent cup of Peacock Green coffee.

Urban (Cabinteely)

Located in the leafy suburb of Cabinteely, Urban is one of the newest players on the coffee scene. This open-plan coffee shop originated from local farmer markets where the owners had been serving customers excellent coffee since 2011. Being located in the heart of Dublin 18 right beside Cabinteely Park makes this spot a prime location for weekend brunch followed by an amazing cup of coffee and a walk around the park!

Bear Market Coffee (Blackrock)

Originating from two newly-qualified architect's reluctance to leave Dublin when they graduated into the falling Irish economy of 2009 comes one of the finest coffee shops in South Dublin. Located on the Main Street in the heart of Blackrock this cafe produces some of the finest coffee the country has to offer and does so at extremely reasonable prices. If you are in the area I cannot recommend a cup of coffee from Bear Market Coffee followed by a walk through Blackrock Park enough!

3Fe (Grand Canal Street)

I know, I know, you knew it was going to get a mention on the list but maybe expected a higher position. I get that 3Fe make a great cup of coffee but I personally don't buy into the hype that it is undoubtedly the best coffee in Dublin. With that being said I wouldn't turn my nose up to a cup of 3Fe coffee and it is definitely worthy of a position on this list.

Coffee to Go (Mespil Road)

This cash-only coffee shop produces some of the finest coffee in an extremely competitive market in the surrounding Baggot Street area. The coffee shop not only does amazing coffee but also produces some of the finest complementary pastries to ensure full satisfaction!

Clement & Pekoe (South William Street)

Located on South William Street Clement & Pekoe is a very welcome addition to Dublin's coffee scene; so much so that it has been placed at number 3 on my list. On a summer's day it is nice to sit on the bench out the front of the quaint shop and people-watch on busy days; which on South William Street is every day.

Ebb & Flow (Clontarf)

This is one for people located on the Northside of Dublin. It is by far the best coffee to be found on this side of the city and comes only second to TwoFiftySquare on the overall taste. It's a must do on your next seaside walk along Clontarf promenade. Ebb & Flow use specialty coffee, according to the Specialty Coffee Association of America's standards, to allow our customers taste seasonal, varying tastes from around the world. The quality does not stop at their coffee. They allow their customers to experience quality products in a friendly and fun atmosphere.

TwoFiftySquare (Rathmines)

THE BEST THAT DUBLIN HAS TO OFFER! Undoubtedly this little hidden gem located on Williams Park in Rathmines is the finest cup of coffee on offer in the city. The coffee shop / delicious brunch spot offers every form of coffee produced from any type of machine you could imagine. If you're in the area (or willing to travel) make sure that you check in to TwoFiftySquare and sample the best that Dublin has to offer!

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© 2017 John Wolfgang


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    • brianrock profile image

      Brian Rock 5 weeks ago from New Jersey

      Thanks for this list! I love coffee, and I'm heading to Dublin for a trip at the end of March. I'll definitely be checking out one or two of these while I'm there.

    • John Wolfgang profile image

      John Wolfgang 5 weeks ago from Europe

      It is an amazing city. If you do manage to tick it off your list and need any advice on things to do don't hesitate to get in contact!

    • Susan SJ profile image

      Susan SJ 5 weeks ago

      Dublin has always been on my bucket list.

      I'm hoping I get the chance to visit and explore this amazing city. Thanks for sharing.