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The $5 Lunch Experience at "Dirty's" Topless Bar.

Updated on November 27, 2015

Location and Hours:

Dirty's Topless Bar

3308 N. Grand Avenue (West)

Phoenix, AZ 85017

(602) 265-3011

Mon.-Fri.: Noon - 2am

Sat.-Sun.: 2pm - 2am

The Atmosphere...

Being located along Grand Avenue, from the outside, Dirty's does not look like much. we decided to stop and see what their "$5 Lunch Special" was about. Upon entering, it is an exciting mix of dive bar meets strip club!! The Bar, set off in the left corner of the establishment. Complete with a smoking patio, a nice Stage, VIP rooms, and billiards...Dirty's appears to be your typical Adult Entertainment destination.

Dirty's was particularly dead that day (due to rain), we were able to sit right next to the stage. Despite the "Topless" part, to our surprise the waitress and bartender whom took care of us were fully clothed.

The Food...

The $5 Dirty's Lunch Special, includes your choice of a Burger or Sandwich, choice of Fries or Salad, and a Well Drink, Domestic Draft, or Soda.

We both ordered a Burger (medium rare), Fries, and a Domestic Draft. The food order was placed quickly, and the food was made to order and served proficiently. The Beer was Ice Cold, Burger was cooked to perfection, and the Fries were pretty good also!!


The Entertainment...

During our Lunch we were entertained by an Exotic Dancer up on stage. The staff had explained that there were normally more of "Dirty's Girls" there during the day but, with the rain, business was slow and they didn't need them there.

The lady we got to see entertain, was very beautiful and good at what she did!!

The Staff in general were very friendly, and attentive!!

My Overall Perspective of Dirty's Topless Bar...

Dirty's offers a fun, and exciting weekday lunch experience!! They're super quick, and friendly, if you're ever in the area and want an amazing lunch, along with some cheap thrills, Dirty's is the place to go!! I definitely look forward to returning again!!

Have you been to Dirty's Topless Bar?

5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Dirty's Topless Bar


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