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Three Powerful Cancer Fighting Vegetables

Updated on February 11, 2013

A recent, very reliable study has revealed that simply drinking fruit and vegetable juice three times a week can reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease by a staggering 76 percent. So if this is the case, then imagine how much difference fresh juice can make for a relatively healthy individual. Weight loss, mental clarity, emotional stability, better skin, hair nails, the list is literally endless. This study is one of thousands of studies that have been undertaken that place a spotlight on to the effect that juicing has on our mental and physical health. There have been some studies that have indicated that consuming more raw fruits and vegetables, in the form of juice or as a whole fruit can reduce the risk of cancer, and in some cases eradicate cancer cells. Here are three of the most powerful cancer fighting vegetables.

"CANCER IS EASILY CURABLE, the treatment is dietary/lifestyle, the response is immediate"
-- Dr. Dan C. Roehm M.D. FACP (oncologist & former cardiologist) in "Townsend Letter for Doctors".


Cancer Fighting Vegetables



Carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A, when carrots are consumed in juice form the body can easily assimilate the much needed nutrients. Cancer also contains vitamins B1, B2 and C. Carrots also have very potent antibacterial properties, which are very effective for aiding in the elimination of bacteria, and cancer causing toxins. Carrots are also very effective in terms of eliminating acid waste in the body, and stabilizing the PH levels in the body. Dr Robert Young states that in order for the human body to be healthy, we need to balance the PH of the body. He states that the optimum PH level for the body is around 7.2. If your PH level is too high or too low, you will be more likely to become ill, now or in the future.



Beetroot is high in potassium, and naturally occurring sodium. It is effective in cleansing the body of excess calcium. It is also effective in the treatment of kidney stones and liver disease. It sweeps the intestines of excess waste matter and creates and alkaline the solution for the cells. These are the conditions that are necessary for the prevention or elimination of cancer. Beetroots are also considered blood builders, and they help to strengthen the immune system.

Cruciferous Vegetables

It has been suggested that cruciferous vegetables such cabbage, broccoli, brussels srouts and various others are effective in the prevention, and even the elimination of cancer. Namely, lung cancer, stomach and colon cancer. These types of vegetables contain phytochemicals, indoles, and sulforaphane. Sulforaphane aids in the multiplication of the enzymes that aid in the eradication of carcinogens. Indoles help to fight cancer cells by inhibiting the estrogen receptors especially in breast cancer cells. In research carried out by the Institute of Hormone Research revealed that indole 3-carbinol is the most effective in fighting breast cancer cells.


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    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 5 years ago from Arizona

      Good hub and I am glad we eat a lot of veggies...all of the above except beetroot. Not so sure about that...or just could be I never bought it. Thanks for sharing and I am going to Pin.


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