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The Tomato with More Lycopene

Updated on September 3, 2016

The Anemic Tomato

The tomato should smell earthy where it has been removed from the vine, it should have a sweet, runny juice, a semi-firm crunch, a bright color, and a thin, shiny skin. When using a sharp knife, it should slice into uniform slices, not a mushy mess. The seeds should be a milky white, not the mixture of brown and green colors. When you bite into it, it should NOT be tasteless and watery.

When I go to the grocery store, to buy tomatoes, I usually come away disappointed. The season for the fresh/garden grown tomatoes was over in the Midwest. The opportunity arose to visit southern Florida, one of the first places visited was the grocery store, in hopes of finding a fresh/garden grown tomato. I came away disappointed. I thought that when I arrived in a warmer, sunnier climate they would have the fresh/garden grown tomatoes readily available.

History of Tomato

It seems that these berry type fruit hit the scene in 1595 in Mexico. They can be used in many ways; ketchup, tomato based sauces, roasted, pickled, stuffed, dried, stewed, boiled, baked, canned, in soups, salads or as a salsa. When gardens are coming off, fresh from the patch is the only time this fruit really satisfies me. The hot-house (greenhouse grown) and heirloom tomatoes just don’t cut it.

Nutrient Comparison Chart - Tomatoes

Nutrients found in the tomato are; Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Manganese, Calcium, Iron, Sodium, and Potassium. They are low in fat and calories and have good fiber content.

The phytol-nutrients; carotene B, carotene A, Lutein-zeaxanthin and Lycopene. Phyto-nutrients are plant-derived chemicals that are not considered an essential nutrient in the human diet, but is believed to have beneficial health effects.

(RDA %)
Garden Grown
Greenhouse Grown
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
9 mg
Dietary fiber
Total carbs
Total fat
Nutrient Comparison Chart

Comparison results

The comparison shows the only thing really missing in the greenhouse/hot house tomato is the iron and potassium. Does the iron and potassium make the difference in flavor? My desire is that they give me back my flavor, forget giving me more vitamins and less calories.

Tomato with 50% more Lycopene
Tomato with 50% more Lycopene | Source

Hybrid Tomato with more Lycopene

I did find a hybrid tomato that was grown for freshness and flavor. It was first grown by Dr. Jay Scott at the University of Florida. It has 50% more Lycopene. It is grown outdoors, in rich, healthy soil, with fresh air and clean water until they are vine-ripened by sunshine. Vine ripened yet firm all the way to the store shelf and then to your kitchen counter. These tomatoes are naturally low in fat and have no gmo.

This tomato satisfied my need. It had the rich flavor because it was vine ripened, in rich, healthy soil, in the sunshine and it has 50% more Lycopene (the good stuff) than regular tomatoes. It is made in the USA. It is produced by Flavor 1st, P.O. Box 98, Horse Shoe, North Carolina, more information can be found at or on Facebook. There is now a grower in California.

An Anemic Tomato
An Anemic Tomato | Source

Hope for Midwest Tomatoes

The problem of anemic tomatoes is still prevalent in the Midwest during the winter months. Now for someone to get a way to grow these wonderfully, delicious tomatoes for the Midwest winters.


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