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The Basics Of Italian Cooking Recipes

Updated on October 27, 2009

When you crave a certain dish, you'd do just about anything to get it. You search for the nearest restaurant that serves it, or try to have it delivered to you. If this is the case, then it's fairly easy to satisfy your cravings. However, it gets challenging when you suddenly crave authentic Italian food and you don't happen to be in Italy, or in one of the great Italian restaurant centers such as New York, Toronto, or Sydney. When this happens, you want to come up with your own Italian dish, but the problem is that Italian cuisine is not easy to just improvise. Therefore, you must scrounge up your trusty Italian cookbook and search for the recipe you crave.

There are thousands of Italian cooking recipes out there. In many cases famous Italian chefs come up with their own recipes, and then compile them in a cookbook. That's a sure way of learning how to come up with Italian meals. Just make sure that the chef author is well renowned and traditional. There is a new generation of New Italian Cuisine chefs who produce nothing but overpriced and very un-Italian trash.

You can get Italian cooking recipes from a variety of sources, such as the above mentioned cookbooks, and via the internet. A precursory Googling will confirm that the net contains thousands and thousands of recipes for Italian dishes. You might have to sift through quite a number of web sites before finding the one particular recipe that you like.

Of course, there are recipes on ragu, and carbonara, and bolognese, and pesto, and puttanesca. These are common pasta sauce recipes, and most people merely stop at the first recipe that shows up on the search engine and decide to make it that night. Sometimes, though, it pays to be a little more discriminating. As mentioned, famous Italian chefs impart their recipes by compiling it in recipe books. These recipes are most often than not, put up in websites. When you learn from the best, you'll surely come up with the best dishes. Italian cooking recipes can include extra steps that famous chefs take to add much more flavor to the dishes. These recipes on Italian cooking might include tips on how to preserve the freshness of your vegetables, or what to look for when buying ingredients for your dish. When looking for Italian cooking recipes, make sure that you maximize the resource. Don't just settle for a simple step-by-step narration on how to create the dish. Find the recipe that describes how your food should look like, how it should taste, how it should smell. Sometimes, following instructions from a simple recipe is difficult without much detailing.

However, because Italian cuisine is so versatile, you yourself can add that personal touch to your meals. Perhaps it's that extra dash of basil, or the additional helping of parmesan. It doesn't matter. What matters is that it tastes the way you would want it to taste.

Sometimes, Italian cooking recipes even suggest alternative ingredients for the dishes. This is extremely helpful because if you don't live in Italy, some ingredients may be hard to find. This way, you'll find yourself getting closer to satisfying your craving. Although portobello mushrooms, fennel bulbs, and Italian eggplants are now available at every supermarket throughout North America and Europe, there are still countless Italian ingredients which are virtually impossible to obtain fresh outside of Italy.

So the next time you crave for Italian food, don't panic. There are probably more than a million Italian cooking recipes available for you to follow. Now whipping up that Italian dish is as easy as ordering take-out. You might have to substitute a particularly difficult ingredient or two with something similar and more readily available, but it should still taste great!

Continued In: The Basics Of Italian Cooking Classes

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      The best italian recipes use simple foods that are found in the garden.


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