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The Benefits of the Nesco FD-75A 700-watt Food Dehydrator

Updated on October 30, 2014

Best Food Dehydrator Reviews

If you're searching for a very reasonable food dehydrator that does a great job of food drying, the Nesco food dehydrator will fill the bill.

With this food dehydrator you'll be able to dry fruit, vegetables, and jerky in just hours.

The Nesco Professional 700W 5 tray food dehydrator holds up to daily use and is highly rated by over 900 happy consumers that bought this particular model from Amazon. (It sells on Amazon for under $60.00 and qualifies for free shipping!)

It's easy to use and easy to clean. It's one of those rare kitchen appliances that gets used on a regular basis by most people that invest in a food dehydrator. Once you begin to use it you'll discover that it's very easy to operate. .

The most popular items people like to make with this food dehydrator include beef jerky, dried fruit, and dog snacks!

Learn more about the benefits of owning and using a Nesco professional food and jerky dehydrator.

Home Made Beef Jerky

There's nothing like homemade beef jerky.

Making your own beef or venison jerky is better than buying jerky. If you make it yourself you'll be aware of the ingredients and can make the jerky as natural and healthy as possible.
The Nesco people also sell jerky flavoring and spices.

Their flavors include Cajun, Hot & Spicy and Teriyaki.

Why Buy a Food Dehydrator

There's nothing healthier than eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Not only is it healthier, it's also more flavorful than frozen or canned food.

In our house we store all of our fresh food in the refrigerator just to prolong its shelf life but by the end of the week at least a couple of items have to be tossed.

By using a food dehydrator you can preserve food naturally. You'll be able to enjoy food for MUCH longer! Dehydrating food helps to keep bacteria from taking hold and causing your food to spoil.

Another advantage to using a food dehydrator is you'll be able to buy food in bulk and prepare it for weeks in advance.

About the Nesco 700W 5 tray Food Dehydrator

The Nesco machine doesn't come take up a lot of counter space when being used or storage space. It measures only 13x13 by 10 inches.

When you buy the Nesco Food Dehydrator you also receive two fruit roll sheets (for drying semi-liquids); two Clean-A-Screen flexible screens.

You also get a 52 page recipe book so there's no need to go out and buy additional recipe books right from the get go.

The company website has a HUGE list of recipes. It's a great way to find ideas. Nesco American Harvest Recipe Directory

This unit has an adjustable thermostat that ranges from 95 degrees to 160 degrees F.

This feature can make the difference between dehydrating success and failure.

The ability to regulate the temperature makes it so much easier to end up with positive results.

Make Healthy Treats for Your Dog

Use the Nesco Food Dehydrator for Making Dog Treats

We love our dogs and it's well known that feeding them quality dog food will add years to their life and will save money in veterinarian bills as your dog gets older.

A good canine diet supplies your dog with optimal nutrition to meet their individual energy needs and support good health.

It's now common for dog owners to make their own dog treats (I'm one of them). By making our own dog treats, we know what ingredients are used and we can give our animals nutritious, healthy snacks.

Pure ingredients are necessary for good health and may be a requirement for dogs with allergy issues and skin problems.

There's a great collection of recipe's for dog snacks at Nesco website:

How to make Easy Chicken Jerky treats for your dog

What do Customers Say about this Food Dehydrator?

The reviews are in and this food processor received mostly positive comments and reviews. The features most favored was the temperature control.

Without a temperature control, it's very easy to over dry certain foods and it's much more difficult to have good results.

The ability to expand their volume and add to the number of trays is a feature customers really like.

Once people begin to use their dehydrators, they find that they would like to use it even more! They want to make larger batches which necessitates more trays. .

Another positive feature is the air circulating fan. The drying system pushes air down the exterior chamber and then across each tray and eventually meets in the center.

The big negative mentioned repeatedly is that the unit doesn't have a timer.


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