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The Best Baby Foods For A Toddler

Updated on March 31, 2016

Toddlers are among the most difficult to handle. Research says that it is a time of constant learning. They don’t know what’s good for them entirely but they cannot be directed to the entire extent either. They have an opinion but not a well-formed one. They know how to refuse but not exactly why. Making your toddler eat something healthy but not as tasty as they would like it to be can be difficult. Similarly, sometimes it is also difficult to understand what it is that they enjoy eating. The challenge is all the stronger for those who have a fussy baby. Here are some simple recipes and tips which you can serve to your little one without compromising on health or taste:

  • When planning a meal, make sure to include something from all food groups – vegetables and fruits, grains, dairy group, animal protein group. Make your baby understand that even though they don’t like something, they will have to eat it in order to get the item that they like the best. So, a meal can start with a little salad, have breads or rice, a vegetable curry, a meat or fish dish or pulses. Some people also add yoghurt to the end of the meal too.
  • Breakfast should be highly nutritious and filling. Milk is an essential ingredient followed by eggs. Alternate between breads and cereals. For example, if you give milk and cereal on a particular day, the next day could be bread and eggs and milk. Eggs are best served as boiled, half or quarter boiled. Limit fried eggs to once a week. A fruit can also be included provided it is not citric and does not clash with milk. Like, on days when you serve milk, you can give half an apple. When you skip milk, you can give him or her orange.
  • Children must have one seasonal fruit every day. If it gets too much for breakfast, then it can be included in afternoon or evening snacking. Give fresh fruits instead of processed juices and drinks.
  • Snacks are among the most difficult meals since they are troublesome to think of but essential since children tend to feel hungry in between major meals. Oatmeal, milk based smoothies, sandwiches with fresh vegetables and/or cheese, homemade pudding are some good options which are filling as well as nutritious.
  • You can also incorporate soups. No need to use anything fancy though. You can make simple soups from everyday vegetables, pulses and chicken if available. They are healthy, can be digested easily and can be enjoyed by kids too.
  • Alternatives to meat and fish can be tofu, paneer, vegetables and pulses cooked together.
  • On days when you are in a hurry and are not at your imaginative best, cook rice or pasta or macaroni and meat together as a one dish meal. You can bake it if its pasta or macaroni. You can mix the marinated chicken and rice and cook it in pressure.

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