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The Best Beer Festivals in the World - Munich, Stockholm, Berlin, Bangkok and Amsterdam!

Updated on November 30, 2011

Do you love beer?

People have been drinking beer for over 6000 years and even today it is one of our most popular drinks that deserve festivals held in its honor. The fact is that today, according to The Beer Festival Calendar, there is incredible 1000 beer festival held around the world! Interest in the beer culture is growing and the festivals will certainly not be fewer. People from all over the world gather at this festive festivals to try the best that the finest international brewers have to offer. Sit down with a pint, an ale or even a stout and enjoy!

Enjoy the world's best drink on one of these lovely beer festival.

Oktoberfest, Munich

This is the world's most famous beer festival for a reason! All the "ale-action" takes place during the 14 huge canvastents filled with tables and chairs as far as the eye can see. Each tent has its own theme: choose between hip Hippodrome, traditional Schottenhamel or why not Scuotzen-Festzelt, known for nibble pork served in a beer sauce. If beer is not your thing, check out Weinzelt, the wine tent.

International Beer Festival, Berlin

Although Oktoberfest is Germany's most famous beer festival, it is not the only one. Berlin hosts the International Beer Festival in August, where more than 300 breweries from 86 countries gather to offer their potions. And there are a lot of beer, over 2000 to be exact, that can be tested on the 2.2 kilometer-long "beer mile". In addition, there is a lot of entertainment with both German and international artists.

Thai Beer Festival, Bangkok

Thailand is perhaps not known as a great beer country, but Thai Beer Festival, taking place in October and November, may change this fact. Beer lovers from around the world sits on the flight to Bangkok to try out some of the city's finest local brew beer from breweries in Siam Square and near the World Trade Centre. The Thai Beer Festival also offered various kinds of Thai snacks such as roasted whole pigs and other grilled meats.

PINTA Bock Festival, Amsterdam

The first festival was held in 1978 at the cafe Gollum in Amsterdam and since then the annual PINTA Festival has grown into the largest beer festival in the Netherlands. Amsterdam may be best known for compounds of different type, but beer lovers will not be disappointed. The nightlife in Amsterdam will leave no one disappointed.

Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival

Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival takes place in late September and early October and is one of Europe's largest with over 1,300 different types of beer, whiskey, cider and calvados. Behind each disk is an expert who offers seminars, taste samples and their knowledge of alcohol. Beerlovers from around the world will arrive on flights to Stockholm, ready to try the beer together with Swedish food specialities.


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      Derdriu 5 years ago

      Lejonkung, What an informative, interesting summary of follow-ups elsewhere to the world famous German beer festivals! In particular, you do a great job of offering world travelers alternatives in Asia and Scandinavia.

      Thank you for sharing,