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The Best Chefs of all Time!

Updated on July 21, 2012

A few of the best chefs OF the USA!

There are many chefs and people with great cooking skills from all around the world. Television is the most popular place that shows us all some of the first and unique people to display mastery cooking skills for the world to watch and learn. A few of the dearest chefs of the television world that touched and are still grabbing our attention, inspire the world through the one thing we all love- FOOD!

Here are a few well known chefs that that have captivated and inspired our creativity through their charismatic personalities, love for food and wisdom of the food and entertainment industries.

Julia Child

Julia Child
Julia Child | Source
Julia Child
Julia Child | Source

Julia Child was well known as an American chef that touched the hearts, and grasped the minds of the world. She was an independent woman, a chef that never stopped learning, and a dedicated role model. Julia Child was born on August 15, 1912 and sadly departed on August 13, 2004, at age 91, just two days before her birth day. Julia Child's birth place was in Pasadena, California, and her birth name was Julia Carolyn McWilliams.

Many people know her from her famous cookbook that first introduced the world of French food broadly to America, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. She was also well known for her television shows back in the 1960s, such as The French Chef. Her big smile and charismatic approach to the world, especially when she made mistakes, made people feel safe cooking with and idolizing her. She made many appearances on national television such as the David Letterman Show, and as a designer for an old show called This Old House.

Julia traveled the world in search of French recipes, ideas, and tips for her shows and books. Her followers traveled with her through videos she made in order to learn the most simple of recipes. One saying that she is well-known for is what she would say in each of her The French Chef episodes, "I'm Julia Child... Bon Appetit!"

Julie and Julia- The movie

Almost the whole universe was reintroduced to Julia Child through the captivating movie, Julie & Julia. The movie came out in 2009, gaining many awards. Everyone who knew or barely knew what Julia Child looked like and was about, was astonished by Meryl Streep's spot-on performance in the role of Julia Child.

Amy Adams is the main actress in the film whom had taken the challenge of cooking each recipe in Julia Child's cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. She tries to do this within a certain amount of time, and blogs about how each recipe turns out. Julie & Julia was based on a true story.

One of Emeril Lagasse's Shows
One of Emeril Lagasse's Shows | Source

Emeril Lagasse was born on August 15, 1959, in Fall River, Massuchusetts. Growing up, I always knew of Emeril from his show, The Emeril Lagasse Show. I remember being fascinated with his active passion for cookery. Anyone who has heard of him will know that his famous saying while cooking is, "Bam!" He knows how to keep the crown pleading for more of his entertainment, through his childish noises, and play with food while in the kitchen.

Lagasse has written many books, from learning to cook, to healthier living. His shows have always been a hit, but so has his restaurant in the famous location of Mardi Grass, New Orleans! At the restaurant he serves up many recipes that he keeps on his website. Emeril has a wide variety of cookware from which he sells from his website or at various locations from which it is merchandised.

When Emeril got out of school he was going to go to college for his profession in the percussion, musical instruments. Instead he followed another path that he wanted to pursue- becoming a chef. Now he works as a celebrity chef with The Food Network.

Rachael Ray

Everyone knows Rachael Ray as the queen of thirty minute meals and cooking on a low budget. Through her show, Thirty Minute Meals, Rachael can make a difficult dish look simple. She can finish an entire pasta dish or barbeque meal in under thirty minutes, while walking around the kitchen, balancing a mountain of essentials for the recipe. Although Rachael Ray has been an extremely successful chef, she worked very hard to make it all come to life.

Rachael Ray was born on August 25, 1968. in Glens Falls New York. She has one dog, the one she is hugging in the picture to the right, named Isaboo. She has a line of dog food out, magazines and she has had several successful and entertaining shows and books. Her raspy giggle, warm smiles, and welcoming conversations and personal stories, capture people by the ears and eyes.

Her love and dedication for cooking was inspired by her grandfather, by using fresh herbs and spices that explode every dish she makes with flavor. Some of her favorite sayings are, "Yum-oh", "Oh my gravy", and E-V-O-O". E-V-O-O stands for Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and "oh my gravy" comes aroundin place of the well-known saying, "oh my gosh".

She doesn't have any children, and will not be expected to have any by her own personal choice, but she is iin a dedicated and wholesome marriage with her husband, John Cusimano. As a celebrity chef, author, and business woman, Rachael Ray has her hands full. The main color of all of her products will either be in orange (her favorite color) or green colors. Rachael Ray's shows air on The Food Network Channel, and also on community television networks during the day hours.

World Celebrity Chefs

Well, you got to see some of the world-famous chefs, and I gave you some links to find out more about them. I hope you enjoyed this! :)

I sincerely appologize to the vegetarians out there. I could not find a vegetarian recipe favorite for all of the chefs, so I did not post them at all.


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