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The Best Graduation Cakes

Updated on April 7, 2010

Graduation Cakes

Graduation Cakes

If one of yours friend has an upcoming graduation party, than you should think about baking him a special graduation party cake, or you can just decide that you want to buy some graduation cakes!

This is happy time, time to to celebrate meet all of your family as well all of your friends.It will be better if one of your friends planed for you a special graduation party. Don`t forget - everyone loves cake and especially if they are well made.

The best thing is that all of them can be created specially for the person - a lot of companies offer personalised chocolate cakes so they can suit the person! You should always think about this in advance. Be sure to contact your baker a lot of time in advance so you will be guaranteed to receive the cake in time. Also order bigger cake so everyone will have enough.

As well as colors - choose this ones which are in the color of the college or the university Also have the name of the person to the cake or even you can put his photo image to it so it will be more personalised. I personally recommend using child photo so it can be more fun :).

Or you can make yourself one. It will be less expensive and you can add more personal touches but it can take a lot of time.Also you will be assured about the quality and freshness of it`s ingredients.

And Now I Want to show you the best graduation cakes which i have seen!

Best Graduation Cakes


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    • profile image

      unknown angel 6 years ago

      nice cakes

    • profile image

      Maria I.  6 years ago

      Beautiful, very well done