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The Best Hidden Menu Items You Must Try

Updated on May 18, 2015

McDoanlds McGangBang

How To Make It

This simple sandwich is achieved by putting a McChicken between the patties of a McDouble. Both items are on the dollar menu, creating a massive sandwich for just $2. Nothing beats cheap and fulfilling!

Starbucks Cookies and Cream Frappuccino

How To Make It

The Cookies and Cream Frappuccino does make an appearance at Starbucks occasionally. But when it's not there you can make your own version by ordering Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino but with white mocha sauce instead of the regular mocha sauce.

Lava-fy Any Item at Taco Bell

Pizza Sub at Subway

How To Make It

If you're one of those people whose food simply can't be hot enough, than here's a solution for you the next time you're at Taco Bell. Ask the cashier to add Lava sauce to any item you order, for an extra kick of spicy. It will make even fire sauce look like child's play.

How To Make It

This delicious Italian themed sub can be make from what you'd normally find on pizza: Pepperoni, your favorite cheese, and sauce. And add it to any type of bread. It's optional but also tasty to get it toasted to melt the ingredients together. You can also put additional toppings like mushrooms or peppers if you desire.

Peanut Buster Parfait at DQ

What To Ask For

This cold and tasty treat will satisfy your craving for both salty and sweet. At some DQ's it IS on the menu, at other's it isn't. Nut lovers fear not, all you have to ask for is added nuts in a hot chocolate sundae to make this tasty concoction.

Suicide Burger at Burger King

What To Order

The burger isn't usually listed due to it's name but the employee's at BK know exactly what it is. Do you have an intense hunger or an endless stomach? If so you can try to take on this challenge. This burger is a whopping four burger patties, four slices of cheese, bacon, and special sauce- Yum.

Denny's Grilled Cheese with Mozzarella Sticks

How To Make It

This cheesy, mouth watering dish used to be part of the $4 menu items, but the constantly changing menu makes things get moved around a lot. If you don't see it on the menu, just order a grilled cheese or two and a side order of motz. sticks. Just put them on the sandwich and enjoy.

Pink Starburst flavored Jamba Juice

How To Make It

Pink Starbursts are known as a favorite candy. Why not incorporate your favorite flavor of candy into your smoothie? Just ask for them to blend up lemonade, soy milk, raspberry sherbet, frozen yogurt, sorbet and fresh strawberries to create a smoothie that will electrify your taste buds.

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Hidden Menu Items To Try Now


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