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The Best Microwave Egg Poachers and Poaching Pans

Updated on August 17, 2017
Poached eggs are a great way to add to your daily protein requirements.
Poached eggs are a great way to add to your daily protein requirements.

Do you need a gadget to poach eggs?

For those that love to add a bit of diversity into their cooking, eggs are a great way to do this since they are extremely versatile. One of the best ways to have eggs is to poach them. Whilst it is possible to do these without a poacher, it can be extremely difficult to do so. This is especially true if you want to poach multiple eggs at the same time in the same pan of hot water.

However, it’s more than possible to get around this situation by investing in an egg poacher. The great thing about this is that they’re fairly cheap and they’ll save you money in the long term. It’s not been the first time that someone has tried to poach multiple eggs in one go in the same pan and they ended up wasting them. This is due to the fact that they can very easily stick together in the water if you don’t poach them properly.

Poaching in a microwave

One of the best microwave egg poachers on the market comes from Nordic Ware. This is a fairly unique design, not unlike a certain fat reducing grill. It’s extremely easy to use; all you need to do is add a small amount of water into each cup (two are on the device), and crack your egg in it and you’re good to go.

After this, it’s the simple case of putting it into the microwave for a few minutes and let the eggs poach. It’s a simple design but it works extremely well, especially for those in a hurry. It has a non-stick coating to it and cleans extremely well by hand.

This is extremely safe to use in the microwave, which could be a cause of concern for many. Unlike metal objects, because this is comprised of a special plastic that won't degrade when warmed up in the microwave. It will always keeps its structural integrity when its heated to high temperatures.

Another great feature about it is that it is perfectly safe to use in the dish washer.

There's more than one way to poach an egg...

Another similar microwave egg poacher comes from Norpro. This is similar to the Nordic Ware variant, but is composed of silicone instead. This has a lot of merits. For example, thanks to it being made of silicone, it is by default non-stick. Another plus point for it is that again, thanks to it being silicone, it is extremely flexible.

The benefit in this case is that it allows the easy removal of the eggs from the poacher after they’ve been cooked. It works in the same way as the Nordic above. However, it also has small holes in the top of the lid to ensure that air is being released from it to ensure that the eggs don’t explode over the poacher itself.

Both of these are ideal to use in a workplace since many offices etc. have a microwave oven present. This therefore allows you to have a quick, healthy and nutritious meal in a matter of minutes. Of course, there will be others that don’t like the idea of using a microwave to poach their eggs.

Instead, it is possible to use a poaching pan to do this. There are numerous varieties which are based on not only the material that the poaching pan is made from, as well as how many eggs they can hold.

How do you poach your eggs?

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Poaching pans for a large family

If it’s the case that you’re cooking for a lot of people at once, it’s best that you opt for a pan that can hold a lot of eggs. There is a poaching pan available from Excelsteel that can poach six eggs at once! Whilst you don’t need to always cook that many, it is nice to have the option there if you think you’ll be using it often to cook for a lot of people.

For the Excelsteel pan, it is composed of stainless steel, and is 10 inches in diameter. The cups themselves are a great size so you’ll be able to use larger eggs when it comes time to poach them. Unlike some other pans, it also has a handle on it that will stay cool during use. This is of extreme importance in the kitchen, especially when many people don’t use oven gloves. So, if you’re using this pan, you’re not going to burn yourself on the handle.

As an added bonus the pan is fairly deep. The benefit of this is that unlike some other poaching pans, you’re able to remove the metal component that holds the egg cups in place. This effectively allows you to use it is either a poaching pan, or a normal pan for other dishes, so it’s a two for the price of one deal.

Thankfully, the egg holders have a non-stick coating on them, allowing the easy removal of the eggs. The holders also have a great handle on them so you can remove them easily from the pan.

A dual purpose pan for a smaller family

For those that don’t need to cook six eggs in one go, it may be a better option to get a smaller pan instead. The good news is, it is possible to buy these as well. The Walter Drake pan is actually very similar to the ExcelSteel pan in that the poaching insert can be easily removed so that you can use it as a normal pan.

This version is composed of aluminium instead of steel and cooks four eggs at once instead of six. The egg holders are also non-stick, so you’ll never need to worry about having difficulty in removing the eggs from them. It also has a glass lid supplied to keep the heat in the pan. There is also a specially coated handle to ensure that you don’t burn yourself on it when the pan heats up. This is a great dual purpose pan for anyone and will be useful in any kitchen. It is especially useful for students. The reasons for this are two fold. The first is that it's really easy to clean!

Since students don't generally have a lot of time, the fact that it can be cleaned quickly and easily is a plus point. The other reason why it's good for students links back to its dual purpose. Not only will it save a lot of space in the student accomdation, but since it's a fairly cheap item, they're getting two great products at one low price. This is a big necessity as students are often strapped for cash.


Regardless of how you like to poach your eggs, this hub should have given you some insight to some of the products that are available on the market. If you have any comments of suggestions, please feel free to add them in the comments section below.

These utensils should allow you to poach eggs safely and quickly. This is especially important in todays fast paced environment.


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