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The Best Pizza: Pepperoni... Nord des Linges?

Updated on March 6, 2016

PIZZA! A go to for most people. You're out and about and wanna grab a quick bite to eat, "Let's grab a slice". Not sure what to make for dinner or just trying to get some grub after a long day, "Let's order a pie".

However and whenever you say it, Pizza is the one constant in life. But what makes the best slice of pizza, The Best Slice of Pizza?


From your local pizzeria, to the regional legends, to the pizza chains. You've got thin crust, thick crust, stuffed crust, deep dish. You can go with 'cheese and pep' or roll with a supreme. There's so many options out there and everyone has their own preference.

In this eaters humble opinion though, you cant go wrong with the classic, cheese and pepperoni. However, you can go more right with just a few tweaks to the way you craft you 'za.

For me, I found the secret nearly 5 hours away from home... in Quebec. An America found Pizza nirvana in Canada. Stick with me on this though.

You may be familiar with New York and Chicago style. Perhaps you prefer Italian or Sicilian style. But be prepared to have your socks rocked when it comes to Montreal style. Mhmmmmm it's so good.

So what's so great about this "Montreal Style"? For starters, they put the ingredients under the cheese. You read that right! UNDER the cheese. What does this mean to you and I though?

I have absolutely no clue, but, it's freakin' amazing. If you find yourself in "La Belle Province", i highly recommend grabbing a slice. Heck, spring for the whole thing! You wont regret it.



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