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The Best Tamales

Updated on October 17, 2013

There's Nothing Better Than Fresh Tamales


Who Has The Best Tamales?

Are you looking for the best handmade tamales in Texas? Then place your next order with Mother Shucker’s Tamales. This company began with the ambitions of a single woman who could essentially prepare the most delicious tamales in all of Texas. With modest beginnings in the farmer’s market, customers frequently inquired about these tamales, and the demand grew exponentially. Loyal customers demanded more and more. As you can see, this company expanded because a single woman was able to captivate the masses with her authentic, handmade tamales. Eventually, people throughout Texas became increasingly familiar with her brand of tamales, as a result of word of mouth. Because her small business was marketed from person to person, she was able to experience marked expansion and ultimately developed a restaurant of her own.

Tamales Are Great For Any Occasion

This company creates tamales that are aptly suited to any occasion, and they make the shipping and ordering process rather convenient. You can place your order online, or you can call one of their representatives. If you are planning a wedding reception, shindig, get together, birthday party, baby shower, or dinner, these tamales can be the perfect addition and they will surely put a smile on the face of all who eat them.

What’s On the Menu?

There is a vast gamut of food dishes to choose from, and this company caters to a variety of different events. If you are wondering what their amazing menu has to offer you, here is a succinct description of their main courses. One particularly delicious dish on their menu are the spicy pork tamales, which contains ground pork, onion, jalapeno, black pepper, cumin, salt and much more! Saving such a form of culinary art would surely enliven your taste buds. If you are daunted by spicy foods, then consider the mild pork tamale, which encompasses everything that the spicy tamale does, minus the spicy. You can still delve into its wondrous tastes and flavors.

This menu even caters to the individual taste of vegans, offering delicious black bean tamales that are both vegan and delectable. They contain black beans, corn, onion, masa, and other great ingredients. The spicy queso beef is designed to satiate your taste buds with ample flavor. It consists of ground beef, diced tomatoes, onions, peppers, paprika, cumin, garlic, vegetable oil, masa, and Velveeta cheese. However, one of the most celebrated favorites on this menu is that of the brisket tamale, which is infused with beef brisket, chili powder, and a variety of other tasty ingredients. In addition to this, you can select other options, including the brisket picante, jalapeno and cheese, cheesy chicken tamales, chipotle chicken, and mild beef tamales.

Events and Festivities

Throughout the year, this restaurant visits numerous events throughout North Texas, as well as farmer’s markets, crafts shows and more. Even if you miss one of the events, simply visit one of Mother Shucker’s locations to have an unparalleled tamale experience.


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