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The Best Taqueria in San Francisco is in Pacifica

Updated on October 14, 2009
Tacos Al Pastor from Guerrero's
Tacos Al Pastor from Guerrero's

Guerrero's Taqueria

Off of Great Highway (Hwy 1) just past Sharp Park road, right on the corner near Gorilla's Barbecue is the home of the best tasting, numero uno tacos in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Sure, sure, you all have your favorites: La Corneta, Pancho Villa's, La Lagunita, etc. Some of you have absurd choices like Chipotle or El Faro. Some of you have never really tasted a taco outside of a Taco Bell which, ironically enough, do not sell actual authentic Tacos. Some of you don't even know what a Taco is. Some of you have never gone further than four square blocks around your house.

But all of you have something in common. That's right. NONE of you poor, poor people have actually ever eaten a taco from Guerrero's Taqueria. Unless you have eaten there and then I take back what I just said.

My favorite is the Super Taco with Al Pastor pork. OMG! Buh-lisssss.

This place is run by, I assume, the Guerrero family. Nice people, good, fast service, and great tasting Tacos done better than any place north of the border that I have ever eaten, and that is a lot of taco joints considering I used to work in Downtown Los Angeles, home of La Taquiza, the best taqueria by far in Los Angeles.

When the Pastor Super Taco arrives at your table after a ten foot walk from the kitchen, it is stilll sizzling from the grill. The Pastor meat is a type of pork food that is cured and cooked and sliced from a huge slab on a pinwheel, sort of like Gyros. The cooks slice it down and it falls on the grill where it fries up crisp and incredibly succulent. Some of the best tasting meat in the world, bar none. I am so addicted to this place it's not real.

My wife and I go walking regularly up the trails of Mori Point. After an hour of hard hill walking we usually head over to Guerrero's and eat a couple of tacos. Alright, I eat a couple, she only usually has one. And a coke. And you are in Heaven my friend.

So do yourself a favor and check out this one-of-a-kind treasure in Pacifica.

Tell them you read about it from bludstream on hubpages. You'll be glad you did.


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    • bludstream profile image

      bludstream 8 years ago

      Where is here ralwus?

    • profile image

      ralwus 8 years ago

      Here we have Don Pancho's and 3 Amigos, neither are franchises and very good stuff I might add. I shy away from the franchise places myself.