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The Best Whiskey Review Videos

Updated on April 16, 2015


Ralphy Mitchell is a Scotsman who resides on the Isle of Man, and he spends some of his quality time producing spirits reviews via video. True to his Scots heritage, the majority of his reviews are of the Scotch whisky variety, but he also ventures into the world of bourbon, rum and gin from time to time. His original videos were short and concise reviews of under ten minutes. Later on, he thankfully started stretching out toward and sometimes past the twenty minute mark, and often includes a little sage philosophy that relates to how humans choose to spend their time on earth. His whisky/whiskey collection is vast and varied, as is his love and understanding of how spirits get made, marketed and enjoyed.

Jason Pyle

Though Jason hasn't done any reviews for quite some time, the ones he did are classics for anyone who wants to know a little more about bourbon and Tennessee whiskey. His obvious enjoyment of the nuances that make up the unique tastes and aromas of whiskey comes across to the viewer in each and every video. He comes across as a guy who'd be great to have a drink and a chat with.


Here's a guy who's really into his bourbon. He gives the viewer some invaluable information about the characteristics of an individual bourbon. His critiques of single barrel bourbons are especially informative because the vintages can differ significantly from year to year. His reviews span the range of bourbons from economic to super-premium, so there's something for just about anyone interested in increasing there knowledge of bourbon.

Bourbon Bothers

Gaven and Jeff are brothers-in-law who actually seem to get along pretty well, maybe the bourbon has something to do with that. Their obvious enthusiasm and knowledge of whiskey combine in their video reviews that range from the popular to the more esoteric of whiskeys. They do throw in a rye occasionally, just to liven things up a bit, but their real focus is on the ever evolving world of bourbon.

The Nichols Bar

Take extensive bourbon knowledge and mix in a little natural wackiness and you're ready for a visit to the Nichols Bar. It's something like entering the twilight zone of bourbon enthusiasts, in a good way.

Bourbon Thoughts

If you're thinking of making a pilgrimage to Kentucky to research how and where bourbon gets made, Bardstown would be a great place to start. The self-proclaimed "Bourbon Capital of the World" has no fewer than five operating distilleries within a thirty mile radius of downtown.

The Kentucky Bourbon Heritage Center is part of the Heaven Hill distillery, and it's a great place to get a sense of how best to approach the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and the Kentucky Bourbon Craft Tour. Their visitor center is also well-stocked with some of Heaven Hill's harder-to-find premium and super-premium bourbons. If you're interested in some longer-aged Evan Williams or the Parker's Heritage Collection, this is the place to go. Just down the road, Willett's recently set up shop with their own boutique craft distillery. Across town, Barton's, the maker of the popular Ridgemont Reserve bourbon, is a great place to take a tour and sample the product.

Maker's Mark is nestled in a quiet hollow just a few miles south of Bardstown. This is another great place to tour, and you can dip your own bottle in the iconic red wax that seals all their bourbons. Jim Beam operates their huge distillery just a few miles west in Clermont. They recently opened a new visitor center they named the American Stillhouse.

If you wish to explore further, you can move east toward Lawrenceburg and its two world famous distilleries; Four Roses and Wild Turkey, each of which recently opened newly expanded visitor centers. Continuing eastward, Woodford Reserve, with its copper pot stills and stone warehouses, is perhaps the most photogenic of Kentucky's distilleries. And yes, they too have a recently upgraded and enlarged visitor center. Move on to Lexington and tour the state's only brewstillery downtown at Town Branch. There's a brewery affiliated with distillery right next door where the bourbon-lover can change his choice of beverage, if so desired.


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