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The Big Green Egg Review - What is The Big Green Egg Smoker? A buyer's guide on Big Green Egg Pricing.

Updated on July 7, 2009

Review of the Big Green Egg

Its that time of year and your looking for the perfect grill that can do it all. A grill that can function as an oven and a smoker, while never having to worry about rust. I have found that perfect BBQ grill for you, it is my job to Review The Big Green Egg. The name sounds like something you would hear around Easter, but this Green Egg is year round.. When you see this innovative design you will understand why people have come to love it.

What separates this grill from all the others would have to be the use of ceramic walls. The clay feature was inspired from the Kamado cookers of ancient Japan. The use of clay vessels to cook have been around for thousands of years, which should be a sign of there popularity around the world. The Egg is made out of weatherproof ceramics. By using weatherproof ceramics the owners of this grill would never have to worry about rust when it rained. The fact that it's waterproof and is built extremely durable, means you can fire up some steak in mid-January if you desire to.The other benefit of this design would have to be its function of retaining heat. By retaining heat you can have accurate temperatures and never have to worry about hot spots. Now the entire surface of the grill can be used efficiently.

This Grill is a Smoker to?

When it comes to getting the grill started and ready to use this design also speeds up the lighting time without the use of lighter fluid. It takes just ten minutes and you can begin to cook that turkey for the family. The grill can also withstand heat up to 1800 Fahrenheit.

Understand that this is more than a grill. This is the Hulk of all grills. With its many capabilities you can now enjoy a fresh pizza just like one at California Pizza to a plate full of shish kabobs. Thanks to the ceramic walls your food will hold on to its moisture so that each bite will be juicy. The Green Egg is available in different sizes all to fit the owners needs. The smallest size is the mini. This mini size is good for a small event, such as picnic. This 30 pound mini cooker allows you to cook up to 2 chicken breast at a time. Other sizes include Small, Medium, Large, and XL. So whatever the event or amount of food there is, a Green Egg is waiting for you.

Pricing for the Big Green Egg

Once you finally decide to purchase an Egg, its time to find one for a good price. It can be found at many dealers across the country. If you need help locating a dealer you can visit the company’s website. The grill is sold on average up to $700 s but I found some online for $625 and if you look hard enough you may can find some cheaper. Many people feel this price is too steep for there pockets but with the company’s’ statement of having a lifetime of easy cooking I am sure it can be worth the price. This is much more than those other grills on the market today. What other grill allows you to roast a chicken in the rain? The Big Green Egg is nearly perfect besides its name.


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    • danbr7777 profile image

      danbr7777 8 years ago

      I couldn't agree more with these comments. I have had the Big Green Egg XL for a couple of months and now cook on it about 2-3 times per week. I just made pizza's for 20+ people yesterday on it. Very good stuff.

    • illminatus profile image

      illminatus 8 years ago from Chicago, IL

      I had some burgers on this grill for the 4th.. Yummy I had to write a hub on it. :)

    • Dink96 profile image

      Dink96 8 years ago from Phoenix, AZ

      There's a dealer here in Phoenix, Starlight BBQ that demonstrated one of these at the Sunnyslope Art Walk and I was SOLD! Don't have the dough to buy one myself, but it was by far some of the best grilled meats I've ever had. I think this is one grill that once you buy it, you'll own it forever. No more of this replacing it every couple of years. It's built like a Sherman tank. Very nice hub. As soon as I saw it, I had to stop and comment!!!