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Breakfast ideas for your work place

Updated on June 16, 2015

Many people have to leave their home early in the morning to get on time to their work. In order to sleep some more minutes people tend to wake up the latest time possible and do everything fast enough to get to work just on time, so they don't lose precious time in the morning, in their bed.

During these precious minutes, when you have to prepare everything for your day, you may not want to prepare yourself something to eat and end leaving the house without nothing eaten and to eat, this will result in having the breakfast in a cafe or without eating nothing for hours, an option that can be worse for your wallet and your health.

In this hub I will suggest some options to take your breakfast from home to work and how to prepare it. Depending on your commute time and how you do it, you may want to adapt your breakfast.

Think Ahead

When you go shopping you should have already some ideas of what you will want to have for breakfast. That way on your usual shopping you buy everything necessary and avoid additional shopping time and the shopping marketing.

The Sunday before you start the week is also a good day to reflect about what you are eating in that five days (for regular schedule). If in that day you see you have nothing, you know the end of the week will be hard.

The Best choices of food to eat at work.

Most of this options do not have smell and will unlikely disturb your colleagues. However you have to be careful on how you eat and where to put the garbage after eating, smelly fruit can be a problem if not properly taken care.

  • Raw Fruit
  • Fruit in a Tupperware
  • Yoghurt
  • Toasts
  • Sandwich
  • Milk
  • Tea
  • Energy Bar

An apple is considered one of the easiest fruits to eat at work.
An apple is considered one of the easiest fruits to eat at work.
An already cut orange may leave juice wherever you put it.
An already cut orange may leave juice wherever you put it.


One of the best fruits that you can carry to work is the apple. It is simple to eat and to carry, and does not need special care when inside a handbag or backpack.

Other fruits that can also be easy to eat and carry are the pear and the banana. Easy to carry and you can eat whenever you want, not needing additional items, like a knife, the only thing that might be useful is a napkin.

Fruits like the peach should be carried inside something, you never know when it start to make a mess around it. When eating a peach, it is recommended that it is already cut, if not you have to be careful about your cloths and the juice that may fall.

Oranges are a good fruit if you already peeled them at home. Peeling them at work may not be a good idea and you will not be very popular. If you carry it to work, be careful so you do not get orange juice.

You can add fruit to your Yoghurt to make it tastier and healthier.
You can add fruit to your Yoghurt to make it tastier and healthier.


Yoghurt normally needs a cold place to be conserved, so if you do not have a fridge at work, you should eat it while it is still fresh and avoid any problem with your stomach.

The advantage of taking an yoghurt is that you can eat it whenever you want, you just have to open it and eat it, but do not forget taking a spoon, or you will have a problem eating it.

A simple toast is one of the best choices if your goal is to eat the less calories possible.
A simple toast is one of the best choices if your goal is to eat the less calories possible.


Toasts are a healthy way to have a breakfast away from home. It is also an easy food to carry and you can eat it at work or on your way to work, even if you are walking, but you may want to eat it with honey or marmalade to have a sweet flavor.

According to some sources, a toast has a total of 65 calories, which is less than a Plain Yoghurt (165cal.) or one cup of milk (122cal.)

The disadvantage are the crumbs that you can leave where you it, be careful how you eat it.


Sandwich will require additional time at home preparing it, it is not hard, but if you do not want to eat only bread, you will prepare the sandwich in the morning in order to be fresh-made.

After prepared you can eat it anytime and anywhere, some people even eat it at lunch, specially if the sandwich is made with something like chicken meat, tuna or many others, it is a good alternative to fast food.

Milk & Tea

The problem when it comes to this two is how you will carry it, they are liquid so you need something to carry them, and you may want them to stay hot or cold. You can solve this problem by buying a thermos, and some of them already have a cup to drink.

Carrying a hot drink in the winter or a cold drink in the summer is also an advantage not only for your breakfast, but also for you well-being since it helps you to maintain your body temperature.

There are several choices when you buy an energy bar. Taste, size and calories can be very different depending on what you will buy.
There are several choices when you buy an energy bar. Taste, size and calories can be very different depending on what you will buy.

Energy Bar

The easy way to never be hungry, always carrying an energy bar. It is not the healthiest way to have the breakfast, but if you are in a hurry and you really do not have time to prepare anything, be sure to always have an energy bar kept in a pocket or a bag.

You can eat it at your breakfast time or wait and eat it in the afternoon, it is very easy to keep it in good condition and it will taste the same.

The disadvantages are the number of calories and it is not the healthiest option.

1 Medium size
1 Medium
1 Medium
1 Medium
1 Medium
Plain Yoghurt
1 Cup
Fruit Yoghurt
1 Cup
Toasted Bread
1 Slice
French Toast
1 Slice
Cheese Sandwich
1 Sandwich
Egg Salad Sandwich
1 Sandwich
1 Cup
1 Cup
Energy Bar
1 Bar

The importance of eating breakfast


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