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The Candy Review: Co-operative Jelly Beans: Multi-Fruit Flavour Explosion!

Updated on August 4, 2012

Are you a lover of traditional British confectionery? Yorkshire misxure, Pontefract cakes, coconut toasties and all the rest? Maybe jelly beans would figure in a list of your favourite sweeties. If so then you may already have tried the Co-operative brand of jelly beans, marketed as Co-op mixed fruit flavour beans.

I personally find a wide variation in quality and flavour between different brands of jelly beans, more so than with many types of confectionery.  The freshness and flavours of the beans can make a huge difference in their palatability and pleasure in consumption. 

These are definitely the traditional article, nothing like the ‘gourmet’ type of jellybeans currently enjoying heavy marketing promotion and an assured place on the confectionery counter of exclusive delis.  However in flavour they are at least as good as the snobby nouveau arrivistes, although admittedly less varied.  (The Co-op’s brand contains only half a dozen or so flavours – but every one is damn good.  Not something you can always say for the gourmet beans – I have had some ‘coffee Revels’ type moments with them which came as a nasty surprise while munching away at the cinema!)

Certainly the Co-op variety of jellybeans come at a relatively bargain price as compared to the high-end variety.  Currently they have an offer on giving three 100 gram packs of trad type sweeties for just a quid.  Come on, what more excuse do you require?  Am I going to have to tell you that some nutritional council just declared jelly beans the cure for cancer and a general nutritional powerhouse, before you allow yourself to indulge.  Well?  Come on.  It’s not going to happen.  Let me take a quick squiz at the ingredients list: mm-hmm, mm-hmm, fifty-two point eight grams of sugars, a trace of fibre, nought point four grams of protein and three hundred and sixty five calories.  All per one hundred gram bag.  It’s not good news!  You know what is good news?  They’re delicious!  What are you waiting for – go grab yourselves some delicious jelly bean goodness today!


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