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The Challenge of Poverty and Hunger In the World

Updated on June 28, 2017

I have always had an interest in being part of a group that endeavors address the challenge of poverty and hunger in the world population. This interest has been stirred by the fact that, approximately 1.5 people live under abject poverty in the world today. The high rate by which people die of hunger is a sign of escalating poverty in many parts of the world. Poverty leads to malnourishment and thus, death as a result of hunger.

Because of this interest and consciousness, I strongly aspire to be part of those who are endeavoring to address the hunger and poverty situation around the world. Although I may not be able to travel around the world on this cause, my involvement and participation within my local area will be significant and part of the global cause. In this respect, I will majorly collaborate with non-governmental organizations that are chiefly concerned with poverty and hunger issues that are working in my country. I will contribute my time by being engaged as a voluntary worker in areas which I have capability and skills in. I will also voluntarily contribute my services to a government department that fights the cause of eradicating poverty and hunger. Further, I will also look for individuals to partner with in terms of providing resources directly to help malnourished people.

My experience working with a local NGO was another factor that stirred my interest in working with a group to solve the global hunger problem. While volunteering my services at this organization, I realized that working as a team was better in terms of achieving more than when working alone. For instance, there were people with different skills such as driving, teaching, awareness creation, inventory keeping, and communication and those with capability in logistical issues. These experiences taught me that if we have to solve the challenge of poverty and hunger, then we needed to pull resources, effort and time and collaborate for this caus


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