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The Cheesecake Factory in Anaheim CA - Restaurant Review / Menu / Hours / Info

Updated on November 12, 2018

Have you and your spouse or significant other, family members, friends, acquaintances or corporate business associates, ever experienced the distinct pleasure of dining out together in an exceptionally planned and architecturally magnificent restaurant which could easily moonlight as a stunningly elaborate palatial style movie production locale? A culinary oriented establishment endowed with a captivatingly beautiful cathedral like setting which in and of itself, contains such an extraordinary collection of man made delights that it could easily be showcased in any number of esteemed international venues as an irresistibly delicious, divine work of painstakingly crafted contemporary visual art? An exquisite, awe inspiring conversation piece of an establishment in which the only thing that falls just shy of surpassing the extensive list of delectable cuisine choices and top tier food quality, is the striking artistic splendor of intricately brushed abstract paintings and murals on display from ceiling to floor accompanied by precisely positioned, hanging spearhead style chandeliers, the monumental, imposing presence of majestic, authentic feeling marble columns, and, last but certainly not least, beautifully fabricated ceiling edifices worthy of royal designation?

If you've never had the opportunity to experience this type of unique dining atmosphere but now find your curiosity being tested to peak capacity and subsequently with each passing word, you become precipitously more eager to indulge, The Cheesecake Factory at the Anaheim GardenWalk awaits your arrival. In my opinion, it's a prime example of a Southern Californian dining establishment focused of course on fine tuning all fundamental aspects that are essential to ensure the public offering of an enjoyable, appetite pleasing day or evening out on the town, but also a restaurant owned and managed by a seemingly capable staff of individuals of whom exhibit the basic business instinct of taking the extra steps to ensure you and the entire family or group of business partners are treated to a larger than life, unique, story book experience. Unquestionably a defining element of "TCF" in Anaheim and I'm highly confident that once you enter only to find yourself unable to resist immediate visual captivation induced by the surreal panoramic perspective, I sincerely believe you'll find yourself light years away from disappointed.

Now, I would like to extend a cordial invitation to you and friends, family members, and business associates to join me as we embark upon another whirlwind "Dining Out Excursion". Together, we exuberantly resume our adventurous, entertaining, mutually satisfying, and educational yet excessively caloric indulgent culinary sampling and appraisal journey which revolves around an itinerary designed specifically to uncover, discover, explore, document, and ultimately share our objective findings with the food loving universe. A journey to visit the seemingly unlimited number of fine dining establishments that are designated as both casual and upscale, or somewhere in between, all of which are scattered throughout and situated in all corners of the country with a primary focus on eateries located in balmy, sun kissed, weather and ocean perfect Southern California - This vividly memorable segment recalls one of my many luncheons at the extremely popular and increasingly internationally recognized eatery "The Cheesecake Factory". A restaurant situated within the high profile, upscale yet very reasonably priced tourist gathering and general rendezvous hot spot, The Anaheim GardenWalk on Katella Avenue which is domiciled in the core of this economic piston of a city -
- An example of the magnificent, skillfully crafted ceiling edifices & wrought iron  fixtures supporting "Spearhead Lamps" which adorn the entire restaurant - Backdropped by a wall sized stain glass mirror - Very reminiscent of a "Cathedral" -
- An example of the magnificent, skillfully crafted ceiling edifices & wrought iron fixtures supporting "Spearhead Lamps" which adorn the entire restaurant - Backdropped by a wall sized stain glass mirror - Very reminiscent of a "Cathedral" -


  • The walking distance from the parking garage to "TCF" is approximately 100 yards - Plan accordingly for disabled -
  • From Katella Ave Driving West - Bypass The Cheesecake Factory and make a right hand turn just past Bubba Gumps into the PARKING GARAGE -
  • From Katella Ave Driving East - Make a U-Turn at the first intersection (Clementine) adjacent to The Cheesecake Factory then proceed west just past Bubba Gumps into the PARKING GARAGE entrance on the right hand side -


The Cheesecake Factory in Anaheim is conveniently located right on Katella Avenue at the GardenWalk, an upper echelon, outdoor, multi purpose commercial and entertainment center consisting primarily of quaint boutique style shops, plush movie theatres, and popular specialty restaurants situated a relatively short walking distance from Disneyland and almost immediately adjacent to the Anaheim Convention Center. Considering the non-stop local, nationwide domestic, and international tourism activity associated with the amusement park itself, in conjunction with neighboring high profile sister properties that continuously sponsor extravagant entertainment events and related leisurely functions, many of which are scheduled literally around the clock seven days a week, the average visitor, including those of whom live within the Orange County area, might assume gaining access to the eatery via uncongested roadways would be a somewhat challenging planning consideration after factoring in the very busy nature of the district. However, to alleviate this potential concern, The Cheesecake Factory is partial beneficiary of an enclosed, multi level shopping center specific parking garage, which it shares in common with all other store fronts. As an additional convenience, management retains dedicated personnel to diligently work the grounds in various capacities to assist patrons with parking needs, pertinent direction assistance, and, maintain security considerations for the vehicles, visitors, and properties within the mall.

The garage is substantial in size and can easily accommodate unusually large traffic flow and robust parking demand with relative ease. Valet service, (Standard gratuity consideration applicable), is available for swift vehicle drop off and delivery enabling timely garage entry and departure, or, simply bypass the Chauffeurs and opt for direct self parking on the level of your choice. Validation is available at all restaurants situated at the shopping center and a standard rate guideline indicates the first 3 hours of parking are free with a moderate hourly charge thereafter. Check with the restaurant in which you will be dining for parking ticket validation before departing or call ahead for additional information. The parking structure is located next to "Bubba Gumps", immediately adjacent to Katella Ave.

- "Main Dining Area" - Spacious, roomy, un-congested environment provides a comfortable and pleasurable wide open experience - Although casual attire is acceptable, the extended ceilings & windows create a distinct "Palatial" feel -
- "Main Dining Area" - Spacious, roomy, un-congested environment provides a comfortable and pleasurable wide open experience - Although casual attire is acceptable, the extended ceilings & windows create a distinct "Palatial" feel -


Walking through the double door entry and into the main lobby of this particular version of The Cheesecake Factory franchise, whether it be for the very first time or the tenth consecutive visit in as many days or evenings, should present you and family members or business associates with an impressive, genuinely unique, one of a kind experience. Everyone I've personally talked to at the restaurant or elsewhere while engaging in casual conversation, all reflect upon their breakfast, lunch, or dinner with a near unanimous consensus. Vivid recollections and descriptions of the interior design are generally centered on the overall scope, size, and splendor of the man made atmosphere. Sentiment expressed usually includes dialogue such as the following, "Once you enter, the feeling of leaving the mainland outside and being magically transported to a distinctly exotic locale somewhere in the South Pacific is the immediate sensation", or, "Embarking upon a brief, imaginative, micro excursion to any number of European Countries". Both of which are not uncommon initial reactions that seem to engrave a long lasting impression unto the memory of tourists' and locals alike.

The overall feel of the environment, coupled with the aesthetically manicured appearance of this instantly captivating interior design can conceivably be compared to a whole host of exotically fascinating international destinations, including the visually breathtaking stone masonry of ancient and contemporary wonders situated in and around Rome Italy, or, the artistic contents contained within exquisite mural rich venues located in Paris France, many of which display antiquities originating from all corners of the globe Some of The Cheesecake Factory's artistic offerings combined with greenhouse style windows are even reminiscent of the warm, indigenous rain forests of South America if you allow yourself to draw dramatically from the depths of your imagination. Even larger than life, extravagant movie sets featured in such visually captivating classics such as "Raiders of the Lost Ark" come to mind. A combination of all of the above and then some is probably the reasonable compromise.

The interior is based primarily on an open floor plan with several privately partitioned booths incorporated at the back of the restaurant which in its totality, creates an overall spacious appearance. The separated areas in reality might seem a bit cramped for sensitive individuals and could quite easily be perceived by those of whom prefer more than adequate arm and leg room as somewhat tightly quartered However, in contrast, these cozy, remote spots are much more conducive to an intimate dining experience if this is a preference. Another element that adds significantly to the ultra roomy experience is the ceiling height, which is quite impressive and considerably higher than normal dimensions found in most other restaurants I've visited. The combination of this floor plan working in concert with palatial height ceilings contributes to a wide open, crisp and clean touch which fosters abundant air circulation to mitigate a stale or un-fresh scent that can typically engulf some establishments. The windows run almost the entire length of the walls vertically offering more than adequate lighting and inherently creating a uniquely warm, radiant greenhouse feeling of dining both indoors and out.

The entire restaurant from end to end and top to bottom is beautifully arranged, however the bar and immediate area, which is comprised of several overflow tables for additional seating capacity to compliment the traditional high rise stools, serves as an inviting centerpiece and congregation point for guests. The carpentry work found throughout is a nice highlight in contrast to the stone, and authentic appearing hardwood serves to frame the tavern area perfectly while leaving a central opening filled with a spirits bottle conglomerate which is tightly fitted and on display between twin bookend LED Television Monitors which operate during normal business hours for visitor viewing pleasure. Although I'm reasonably confident the bar does get somewhat messy on occasion from the remnants of food and drink that will inevitably get spilled and dropped in and around the tavern vicinity, when I visited, from the time I arrived for lunch until my subsequent departure, I noticed the entire section from bar to floor was immaculate, preserving an irresistibly inviting allure. This very welcoming gathering spot within the restaurant, in conjunction with the cuisine and small slice of signature cheesecake to cap my palate off, were a definite highlight for me. I think you'll find it quite impressive as well.

- "The Cheesecake Factory Bar" - An exquisite display of translucent & tinted bottles center frame, highlights the mini tavern complete with bookend Hi-Def LED Television Monitors for enjoyable social gatherings, parties, & events -
- "The Cheesecake Factory Bar" - An exquisite display of translucent & tinted bottles center frame, highlights the mini tavern complete with bookend Hi-Def LED Television Monitors for enjoyable social gatherings, parties, & events -


"Scores of Entrees', Drinks, & Desserts". An impressively larger and much more diverse entrée, appetizer, and dessert selection verses expectations of the average restaurant in its class combined with consumer friendly pricing that is relatively reasonable considering the high profile, upscale location and overall unique restaurant experience. Entree' choices are numerous ranging from traditionally prepared meat, poultry, and pasta dishes to an abundance of ornate salad offerings designed and garnished for health conscious yet hearty appetites. Entree' prices on average fall within a standard industry range of $10.00 to $15.00 and up for specialty or seasonal fare, with appetizers pegged to a lower tier. Like most restaurants that are trying to keep in stride with universally recognized, prevailing dietary trends which dictate a continuously evolving shift in sentiment toward providing customers with significantly more healthy options via an extended menu that is rich in calorie conscious, specialty selections such as low fat, low cholesterol, high protein weighted meals, by slightly adjusting the overall business model to reflect a higher than average demand here in Southern California for organically grown, negligibly processed foods, The Cheesecake Factory has tweaked to please by implementing what they call a "Skinny Licious" program. This specialty menu contains an appetizing family of alternative choices for calorie counting individualswho are either medically required to maintain a strict diet, or, for those who have attained "Straight A" health and simply wish to adhere to a physical fitness motivated, rigidly structured meal plan even when dining out. Everything from high fiber, fresh fruit enhanced salads, to a veggie burger made exclusively from whole grain rice incorporated with an array of other wholesome vegetables (One of my personal favorites) can be ordered without delay from the menu.

The cocktail / drink menu contains standard ale and mixed or blended offerings with customary "Happy Hour" dates and times designated. Regular, every day prices which are not subject to specials, may include a slight premium but are mixed to satisfactory levels, some might even say the keeper conjures to near perfection with liberal "Spirits" inclusion. And last but certainly not least, we have the dessert menu. Standard choices include popular ice cream, pie, and traditional cake recipes however, the establishments namesake is unquestionably the undisputed star, and with a name like "The Cheesecake Factory" would you honestly expect anything else? As you walk through the double door entry of the restaurant, a sample of the different flavored and prepared cheesecakes are on display in a traditional dessert counter situated to the immediate left in the lobby, but my recommendation is to resist the temptation of prolonged visual absorption until after the main course. As briefly mentioned above, the eatery offers literally "Scores" of choices prepared to taste and if a rich, creamy, smooth after dinner indulgence is your idea of the perfect dessert, a signature slice of your choice will probably satisfy the sweet spot until next visit. Once again, pricing may be bumped up slightly higher than average yet the quality and freshness, just like the entrees', is in my opinion well worth the negligible premium.

- Photo of "The Cheesecake Factory Bar" - Close up image capturing a side angle perspective with wine glass rack to the right and imposing synthetic marble column to the left creating an impressive visual setting and classic "Movie Set" experience -
- Photo of "The Cheesecake Factory Bar" - Close up image capturing a side angle perspective with wine glass rack to the right and imposing synthetic marble column to the left creating an impressive visual setting and classic "Movie Set" experience -


On the move with a purpose and literally one step ahead of the question or request is the best way to describe staff work ethic and affable service. I can say with a considerable degree of confidence and conviction which is derived from personal observation, all staff from top to bottom, performed duties with a brisk step, admirable pace, and most importantly, a smile on their faces which added an extra special charm and appreciation for the overall dining experience., As we all have come to realize subsequent to our own personal dining experiences, this simple attentiveness to the finer details of customer service and satisfaction can indeed be an exceedingly rare occurrence when visiting an extremely busy restaurant situated amidst a bustling tourist district such as this Cheesecake Factory is. Shortly after our lunch was consumed and engagement complete, staff cleared our table in relatively short order, mentioned desert recommendations and inquired as to our interest in the after lunch indulgence, then, returned within moments to deliver the check, leaving the decision as to when we wished to leave the restaurant up to us. Needless to say, it was a very spiffy, polished, efficient, and squeaky smooth production which was greatly appreciated by myself and significant other.


I've been fortunate enough to have visited this franchise during all dining hours from breakfast to lunch and right up through dinner, which obviously suggests that I've had the opportunity to sample a wide variety of menu choices. All of which I'm happy to report, had been skillfully prepared to meet or exceed my specific quality standards providing a very satisfactory experience, and in some instances the fare had reached my lofty threshold of what I would consider exceedingly delicious. Which is exactly how I would describe and categorize one of my undisputed favorite dinner entrees' the "Cajun Chicken & Pasta". A distinctly southern, spicy twist on bow tie pasta served comfortably submerged in a light olive oil based sauce, accentuated with red pepper and additional spicy hot compliments, and accompanied by two nicely proportioned and tenderized battered and deep fried chicken breasts resting atop. Simply a great tasting hearty dish. Another pasta specialty is the "Da Vinci", once again, a light oil sauce, fresh vegetable enhanced entrée which I find both delicious, marginally healthy, yet very filling at the same time. Needless to say, I've dined at this location several times and indulged in several different dishes from steak to chicken to pasta and combinations there of, such as the above mentioned dishes, and fortunately have yet to be disappointed. Past performance is certainly no guarantee of future results, but I would consider it a vote of confidence until the time comes when the restaurant fails to live up to its lofty reputation, if that day does indeed ever emerge.


Entering this particular Cheesecake Factory restaurant for the very first time with my usual impartial, non-biased, objective evaluation intent was and always is standard procedure. A set of principles of which incorporates a general fairness guideline that I have always unilaterally complied with whenever implementing my specific grading methods that are designed to effectively and accurately weight the pros and cons of all quality related aspects of any given establishment. And I'm happy to report, subsequent to my initial visit in which all pertinent factors were appraised and duly considered, uncovering something demonstrably negative which would fall within my independent culinary assessment perimeters, was not in the offing, at least not so during this particular visit. The restaurant was very easy to find, parking was more than adequate and accommodative, the cuisine was excellent in taste, freshness, and quality, and prepared well, the scenery and ambiance both within the restaurant and surrounding the exterior grounds was superlative. All essential elements of which we as patrons generally examine, evaluate, and assess in an effort to render an overall culinary appraisal and recommendation in this specific case, garnered exemplary grades in totality with each detailed piece of the review process falling into place with ease. The exterior design exudes a near perfect, welcoming theme which is accentuated with a large family of towering palms flowing precipitously in the warm Southern Californian sea breeze. The immediate grounds adjacent to the restaurant and extending in all directions to maximum visibility, are trimmed and shaped, irrigated, and maintained immaculately in conjunction with the rest of the GardenWalk properties creating an evenly flowing, harmonic sense of landscaping conformity that projects a crisp, clean, inviting first and lasting impression.

The attractive interior of the restaurant truly speaks volumes in confirmation of ownership attentiveness and considerations geared toward designing aspects which are apparently focused on driving positive customer experience, as clearly defined and depicted in the mini stream of exclusive, customized images found throughout this page, all of which were captured in one day during my noon hour luncheon and subsequently embedded shortly thereafter directly into this review. Simply a mesmerizingly beautiful display of ceiling edifices, chandeliers, and abstract art work combined nicely with hardwood tables and dividers accentuated even further with majestic marble columns, all of which blend seamlessly to project an almost flawless, elaborate movie set style atmosphere. I'm reasonably confident of the fact that none of the art work is a direct descendant of Michelangelo's personal touch nor even a reproduction, but the pieces on display do nevertheless invoke a sense of appreciation for the exhibits regardless of respective origins. I can however think of one negative aspect in relation to visiting this particular Cheesecake Factory. Namely, the potential "Ambiance Spoil Factor". In brief, if the amount of time you spend within the venue facilitates a complete acclimation to the new experience of dining at a restaurant that is endowed with such immensely spacious, roomy quarters, coupled with exquisitely designed extended ceilings and complimentary windows that rise above and beyond the standard normalcy of eight to ten feet, a cornerstone interior design feature which not only defines the character of The Cheesecake Factory, but other dining establishments situated within the mall venue as well, it's very difficult for me anyway, to remain seated in complete satisfaction to enjoy a meal while dining out at any other "Normal" sized restaurant without experiencing the nagging, inner feeling or illusory sensation of mild claustrophobia. In my opinion, this version of The Cheesecake Factory really is that impressive.

As briefly mentioned at the beginning of this perspective, I've had the pleasure of dining at this franchise on several occasions while in the distinguished company of several different parties to celebrate numerous events. From intimate engagements, to large family gatherings, to congregating with business associates in an effort to discuss community enhancing projects, all occasions which have provided me with the opportunity to sample a wide variety of mainstream dishes on the extensive menu. Choices ranging from the "Cajun Bow tie Pasta & Battered Chicken Breast", to the "Da Vinci Pasta", to traditionally prepared "Eggs Benedict" for a breakfast boost, all the way to culinary climax while savoring a delicious namesake cheesecake, and fortunately, considering the money spent, I've found one consistent common denominator. Regardless of the time of day, or day of the week, all entrees', side orders, and desserts seemed to be prepared with deliberate intent to please yet without great haste, by adding a healthy dose of attentive expertise, and most importantly, compliance with my specific freshness requirements. Of course we all understand a realistic expectation for any eatery is to concede ultimate perfection and thereby assume there will be a reasonable degree of diverging opinion verses my personal expressions or any other reviewing entity in any one, or all categories, and I will concede of the fact that there are indeed certain offerings within the menu that I would assuredly pass on, however, not because of food taste, ingredients, nor any other fundamental component associated with quality, but due solely to my personal palate preferences.

I think I've thoroughly covered the entire spectrum of essential elements which are included in my personal evaluation method, a set of guidelines which are designed to maintain consistency in appraisal by accurately establishing an overall rating pertaining to this, or any other restaurant I visit. In enthusiastic summary, I can conclude the following in bullet point fashion with a considerable degree of conviction. The food is great - The prices are relatively reasonable and affordable - The ambiance and atmosphere, both within and outside the restaurant are divine, almost palatial in appearance - The service is brisk and devoid of major delays - Finding space for your vehicle is unquestionably hassle free on an average day or evening from the moment you enter the grounds however, the distance between the parking structure and the restaurant could be a little closer and more accessible for the disabled and senior citizens with less than adequate mobility. All considerations of which in my opinion, once the minor issues are subtracted, add up to a very pleasurable, fulfilling, and enjoyable dining experience. For me personally, after appraising my maiden visit, I walked through the double doors, down the pathway, and into my awaiting car with an after luncheon dessert in hand accompanied by the distinct impression that there's just something extra special about The Cheesecake Factory at the Anaheim GardenWalk.

Maybe the attraction and draw stems from my inherent appreciation for man made or natural aesthetics, such as the exquisite exterior design coupled with a well structured layout of the property which connects contiguously with adjacent establishments and entertainment venues within the multi purpose entertainment and shopping venue itself, all of which appear to maintain the same high standards dedicated to ensuring alluring excellence. Or, maybe it's simply the majestic, never ending row of palms that seem to envelop you while emitting a natural freshness to the immediate area, a tall, lush greeting party which stretches nearly the entire length of Katella Avenue leading right up to the restaurant front entrance. Or, possibly another logical reason for its enchanting aura might be the existence of a multi cultural "Feel" to the entire vicinity in which a whole host of European tourists in conjunction with so many other traveling ambassadors originating from a literal myriad of different global and or exotic locales, can be engaged in casual, life enhancing conversation which almost always includes a generous helping of enlightening, universal experience sharing, as the beautiful language variances permeate the grounds in harmony. Or, maybe the allure can be attributed to the obvious - A combination of all the above -

- Rave Review? Yes - And I know it's only a restaurant for most, but it was an exciting culinary adventure as usual for me -

  • Note - Disabled parking in the garage is more than adequate, however, considering the walk or wheelchair commute is approximately 100 yards, getting to and from the restaurant may be somewhat of a challenge depending upon the nature of disability -
  • Note - Bookend LED Television Monitors are affixed to either side of the bar which provides an unimpeded view from just about any angle, however, they may be somewhat inadequate in size for viewing from a distance especially if you're not positioned in the immediate tavern area -

- Rating -

- Category -
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- High Grade -
Menu / Prices
Dining Experience / Service
Parking / Access
- Seated in a cozy nook at "TCF" with a pristine vantage point from back to front looking across the entire length of the restaurant - This was the view from our table -
- Seated in a cozy nook at "TCF" with a pristine vantage point from back to front looking across the entire length of the restaurant - This was the view from our table -
- "It was a pleasure of which exceeded my highest expectations" - "An assuredly memorable experience to dine amidst the blossoming, internationally recognized entertainment district of the city" - "A pleasure to explore one of Anaheim's most upscale yet casual in dress and demeanor restaurants, and one of The Cheesecake Factory's most successful and immaculately kept franchises" - "It's not just cheesecake, but a rich dessert fit for a king, served in a magnificently stunning castle like setting" -

Driving Directions / The Cheesecake Factory In Anaheim CA:

321 W. Katella Ave. #100, Anaheim, CA 92802:
321 W Katella Ave, Anaheim, CA 92802, USA

get directions

TCF Address:

321 W. Katella Ave.

Anaheim, CA 92802

( Katella Ave. & Clementine )

  • Phone: (714) 533-7500


- Mon - Thur: 11:30 AM to 11:00 PM

- Fri & Sat: 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM

- Sun: 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM


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