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Old time kitchen aprons are back in style for the modern day kitchen.

Updated on February 19, 2012
Amish Quilt Top Apron in Antique Blues
Amish Quilt Top Apron in Antique Blues
Quilt Top Close Up
Quilt Top Close Up
Quilt Top in Earth Tones
Quilt Top in Earth Tones
Traditional Full Apron
Traditional Full Apron
Half Apron
Half Apron
Clothes Pin Apron
Clothes Pin Apron
The Little Dutch Maid Hand Crank Kitchen Machine
The Little Dutch Maid Hand Crank Kitchen Machine
Stainless Steel Home Kitchen Drain Board for large pots and pans
Stainless Steel Home Kitchen Drain Board for large pots and pans

As they say if it goes out of style just hang on to it and it will come back into style eventually, so comes the rebirth of the kitchen apron.

This old time clothing item, which was so popular in the early centuries is now on the come back in the modern day kitchen.

The surge in apron popularity has been created by people spending more time in the kitchen. As people work or play fashion soon follows. Kitchen expansions are one of the most popular home upgrades, and are one of the deciding factors in new home purchases.

The renewed focus on the kitchen is being prompted by several factors. First the growing lineup of cooking shows and magazine articles spark a creative interest to explore new foods and cooking options.

Second, there is now a more health seeking population who want to escape the high sodium, preservatives, high fat and potential contaminates in processed foods, but who still want to enjoy the finer foods, with the control of what they are made and cooked with. Some of these people also want to cook ethnic old family recipes that are just not readily available to them.

Third, because of the economy, there is a larger group living more frugal and not eating out as often. These people are not purchasing as many of the more expensive prepackaged store bought heat and serve products, rather they are cooking more from scratch.

In all influences, cooking from scratch while using the old recipes means more splatters and flour powder to be transferred to clothing, thus the old standby apron is once again hanging on the pantry door for ready use.

Aprons now have brighter and more brilliant colors than what your Grandma use to wear, the apron also ads to the kitchen décor, with a hit of nostalgia.

Today’s Kitchens have become much more complex than the kitchens from the early periods, with dual ovens, commercial size stoves and even dual dishwashers, but whether you are a chef or a person just wanting to cook wholesome meals once again from scratch, the apron will protect your clothing from the splatters and common mishaps that often occur in the kitchen.

Historical and long before anyone understood germs and cross contamination, the apron served much more than a clothing protector. It was probably one of the most versatile items in the home, worn more than any other owned dress or duster. The apron served as an easy to reach towel, hot pad, or to gain a grip on a stubborn jar lid. Old time kitchens were hot, and the apron often wiped away perspiration as the cooking process continued.

The Apron was also a great carry all. While holding the bottom edge one could carry fresh eggs from the chicken coop, carry in fresh vegetables from the garden, carry kindling in for the wood cook stove or carry in the mail from the RFD box. Apron corners could wipe a tear from a child, or could be used as a dusting rag. The Apron pockets often carried clothes pins from when the wash was taken off the outdoor clothes lines.

The Amish still make and use Aprons like Grandma use to have. Amish aprons are made by the skilled hands of the Amish women, and because of their quality and functionality have become very popular in the rebirth of the aprons use in the common home kitchen.

Cottage Craft Works carries several styles of Amish made aprons from a traditional simple style to even a fancy quilted top. You can purchase Amish aprons by clicking here to go directly to Cottage Craft Works Amish Aprons.

While on the Cottage Craft Works site be sure to check out their popular Little Dutch Maid hand crank Kitchen machine, and their Stainless Steel home kitchen sink drain board. This drain board will hold the large commercial grade pots and cooking utensils and protect the high end granite counter tops and fancy tiled kitchen floors.

Cottage Craft Works has some very unique and hard to find products that are for living back-to-basics. These items are as functional today as they were centuries ago.


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    • veggie-mom profile image


      7 years ago

      I love my apron, it's a traditional full apron that I bought at IKEA a few years ago. It's not very flattering, but super functioning and adjustable!


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