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The Cost of Making Bagels

Updated on December 15, 2011

I’m originally from Philadelphia where buying fresh bagels was easy. Not so easy here in Nevada! So a few years ago I decided to try making them. I felt a little overwhelmed when I read the recipes – all that kneading, letting the dough rise a few times, boiling then baking then broiling. But it was so easy and they tasted great! And they are very easy to change up. You can add raisins and cinnamon or cranberries and pecans to the basic mix or just top with sesame or poppy seeds.

I've included the cost of my ingredients at the bottom of the article so you can compare to prices in your area.

Basic Bagel Recipe

Yield 12 bagels

4.25 Cups Flour $.56

1 t Salt $.00 (less than a penny)

.25 ounces Yeast $.25

4 T Sugar $.11

Total Cost $.92

Cost of 6 bagels $.46

Cost to buy 6 bagels $1.99

The cost to buy is from the grocery store. It will obviously cost you more at a bakery, deli, coffee shop, etc.


Sesame seeds – top the bagels with 2 T of sesame seeds after boiling but before baking $1.61

Poppy seeds – top the bagels with 2 T of poppy seeds after boiling but before baking $1.60

Onion Bagels:

Add 2 T Minced dried onions to dough $.16

Top with 2 T Minced dried onions $.16

Total $.32

Cinnamon raisin bagels – add these ingredients to dough:

1.5 t Cinnamon $.17

½ cup Raisins $.30

Total $.47

Cranberry pecan bagels – add these ingredients to dough:

½ cup Dried cranberries $.67

¼ cup Chopped pecans $59

1 t Cinnamon $.12

Total $1.38

Cost of my ingredients

$2.38 for 5 pounds of flour

$.58 for 26 ounces of salt

$3.92 for 4 ounces of yeast

$3.79 for 4 pounds of sugar

$2.54 for 1 ounce of sesame seeds

$3.38 for 1.25 ounces of poppy seeds

$5.42 for 8.24 ounces of dried minced onions

$2.99 for 2.37 ounces of cinnamon

$2.84 for 24 ounces of raisins

$3.74 for 12 ounces of dried cranberries

$4.88 for 8 ounces of chopped pecans


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