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The Cost of Making Chicken Pot Pie

Updated on December 27, 2013

I was surprised out how expensive pot pie is to make. Obviously, the price can vary depending on the type of meat, vegetables and spices you use. I have shown the cost with either chicken breasts or chicken thighs. When I make pot pie I make extra and freeze it for a quick meal at a later date. If you freeze it unbaked, the crust will be flakier and not get soggy. It is also best if you bake it right from the freezer. By making your own pot pie, you can control the quality of the ingredients, the fat content and the amount of salt.

I've included the cost of my ingredients at the bottom of the article so you can compare to prices in your area.

Chicken Pot Pie

Yield - 6 servings

1 pound boneless skinless chicken $5.99 (see note below)

1 cup sliced carrots $.14

1 cup frozen peas $.50

1/2 cups sliced celery $.21

1/3 cup butter $.98

1/3 cup chopped $.18

1/3 cup flour $.05

1/2 t salt $.00 (less than a penny)

1/4 t pepper $.01

¼ t celery seed $.06

1 ¾ cups chicken broth $1.21

2/3 cup milk $.24

2 (9”) pie crusts $2.99 (see note below)

Total Cost $12.55

Cost per serving $2.09

Cost to buy (per serving): $1.25 - $3.99 depending on brand

Note: If you use boneless skinless chicken thighs ($2.26 per pound) your total cost will be $8.82 or $1.47 per serving. In addition, if you make your own pie crusts (see link below) it will cost you $.72 for the two pie crusts instead of $2.99 for store bought. This will reduce your per serving cost to $1.71 for chicken breasts and $1.09 for chicken thighs.

Cost of my ingredients

$5.99 for 1 pound of boneless skinless chicken breasts

$2.26 for 1 pound of boneless skinless chicken thighs

$.55 for 1 pound of carrots

$1.50 for 16 ounces of frozen peas

$1.65 for 1 bunch of celery

$5.89 for 1 pound of butter

$1.49 for 1 pound of large onions

$2.48 for 5 pounds of flour

$.99 for 26 ounces of salt

$2.32 for 4 ounces of pepper

$3.18 for .95 ounces of celery seed

$1.25 for 14.5 ounces of chicken broth

$2.89 for ½ gallon of milk

$2.99 for 2 (9”) pie crusts

$1.25 - $3.99 for single serving of chicken pot pie


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