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The Cost of Making Pie Crusts

Updated on December 27, 2013

I’ve always made my own pie crusts because I thought I was saving money. I was therefore surprised to find that a recipe with butter is not much cheaper that one you can buy at the store. I was also surprised at how varied the cost is depending on if you buy it frozen, in the refrigerator section or from a box. However if you use shortening in your recipe, it will be much cheaper to make.

I've included the cost of my ingredients at the bottom of the article so you can compare to prices in your area.

Pie Crusts with Butter

Yield 2 crusts

2 C Flour $.27

1 t Salt $.01

8 ounces Butter $2.95

1 T Sugar $.02

Total Cost $3.25

Pie Crust with Shortening

Yield 2 crusts

2 C Flour $.27

¾ t Salt $.01

2/3 C Shortening $.44

Total Cost $.72

Cost to buy

$2.99 for a box

$3.98 for frozen

$4.29 for refrigerated

Cost of my ingredients

$2.48 for 5 pounds of flour

$.99 for 26 ounces of salt

$5.89 for 1 pound of butter

$3.98 for 42 ounces of shortening

$2.98 for 5 pounds of sugar

Prices updated December, 2013.


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