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Eating like Daniel

Updated on August 21, 2016

The beginning if my Daniel fast

In Daniel 1 and 10 we see that Daniel did not eat of the king's food and lived on a plant based diet.

For the past two weeks I have tried my version of the plan and have found it very rewarding. Not only do I not eat animal based food, but in some instances have found it off-putting.

In the morning I generally make a tall glass of ice water with apple cider vinegar and sweetener added (I know it says no sweetener, but this is my version and it helps to ensure that I drink more water). I have also found that I don't desire other beverages either.

The benefit of the diet is to get close to God and I am trying to pray more and strengthen my faith.

What's your experience with the Daniel fast? Will you or have you tried it? Did you understand more what God is speaking to you about?


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