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The Different Types of Teas: Darjeeling, Oolong, Green Tea and Herbal Tea

Updated on March 28, 2013

Millions of people worldwide are fond of drinking teas. This beverage is not only cinched to help you get in top shape it is also a nice one to quench on

The aesthetic drink - Darjeeling tea.
The aesthetic drink - Darjeeling tea. | Source

Here is the short list of teas that modern day tea lovers might indulge in:


Sounds like darling, Darjeeling are grown in the mountainous regions in India. The mountain’s altitude and gentle misting rain of the area combines well to produce a full bodied out tea with light flavor and truly rejuvenating aroma which is similar to that of the muscatel’s rich sweet wine.

A small tea pot filled with Oolong leaves
A small tea pot filled with Oolong leaves | Source


This fabulous tea is grown in the province of Fukien in China. John Dodd introduced this tea in England in 1869. To date, oolong is one of the most revered Formosa Oolong teas in the world are grown in Taiwan. This tea undergoes fermentation process to come up with a delicious and fruity taste.

Ayataka green tea
Ayataka green tea | Source

Green tea

Ten percent of the world’s produced tea is the green tea. Considered to be the best tea in the world, green tea has the lightest flavor and in abundance of beneficial antioxidants and contain a very small amount of caffeine.

Herbal tea

Not really a tea since the herbal tea doesn’t emanate from tea plants though the process it goes through is basically the same with the standard or regular tea.

The health benefits of drinking herbal tea includes speeding up digestion, eliminating sodium from the body and it is a mild diuretic and help relieve pre-menstrual tension

So if you love drinking teas especially the ones that are mentioned above go ahead and enjoy.

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