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The Different Ways Of Making Coffee

Updated on January 24, 2011

You have lots of choices when it comes to finding the best coffee maker. But all of those options itself can create a bit of a problem.  Which coffee machine should you choose? Before answering this question first decide how you want to make your coffee, and then decide which coffee machine is best for you.

If you’re looking for speed convenience and versatility you may wish to consider a single cup coffee maker. Many coffee drinkers love these machines because they’re easy to use, especially when brewing just one or two cups of coffee. They are simple to use because the coffee comes prepackaged in its own filter. In addition the coffee you can also make hot chocolate, tea and other hot beverages.

When the drip coffee maker was introduced some time in the early 70s, it rapidly replaced the percolator as the number one way of brewing coffee. Forty years later and many people still believe it’s the best coffee maker.  They are simple in their design but have a disadvantage. Most use a hotplate with a glass carafe to keep the coffee warm. But if it’s left too long on the hot plate the coffee starts to burn. Some manufacturers use an insulated carafe without a hotplate in order to avoid the problem.

The combination coffee machine is one whose time has come. It’s what you get when you put together a drip coffee maker with a grinder. This machine grinds the proper amount of beans and dispenses them directly into the filter. That works just like a drip coffee maker with added convenience. One nice thing is that you can set this all up the night before. In the morning when you awake of freshly brewed coffee.

If you don’t mind a manual method of making coffee, then you may be interested in using the French press. This inexpensive device simply a glass beaker with plunger and mesh filter. Mix coffee grounds with hot water in the beaker and allowed to steep. Push the plunger down to separate the grinds from the liquid in your coffee is ready to drink.

When it comes to making coffee you have choices. When it comes to buying a coffee maker you also have choices. Decide which way want to make coffee before you decide which machine you’re going to buy.


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    • Coffee_writer profile image

      Coffee_writer 6 years ago

      Lymond you're so right. If you live in an area with hard water, it's even worse. All the minerals build up on the inside and start restricting the water flow. Not too much fun to clean if the coffee maker isn't well designed!

    • Lymond profile image

      Lymond 6 years ago from UK

      I want one that cleans easily :-) Over the years I find I replace my coffee equipment not because it breaks but because it becomes impossible to clean and makes the coffee taste bad.