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How to Sample Food part 2

Updated on August 30, 2012

In my previous post How to Sample Food, I discussed how to and how not to take food samples. I discussed how to approach a food sample area and how to politely take part in sampling food. Remembering our manners we were taught while growing up is not only important but also part of our daily lives. I don’t understand why they are forgotten when free samples of food become available but it happens.

Don’t Yell

If you have an opinion about the food or product being sampled that is perfectly fine. You do not have to yell it out to a group of people at the demo area. Yelling out “Those can kill you don’t eat/drink them!” just makes for an awkward silence. Not only are the customers waiting to see what else you might say but the person sampling is probably sure they just lost some sales. What can they say after someone starts yelling at their possible buyers that they are going to die from consuming their product?

They are not allowed to say “Don’t pay attention to the crazy person” because really that is slander and they don’t know if the person yelling really does have issues. When they are told they are going to die that pretty much makes the decision not to buy the product. They can say “With following the recommended servings you will be just fine” but then they look like they are trying to cover their tracks.

Don’t be Selfish

When you see a tray or plate full of samples you do not have to take every sample there. Picking up every sample as they are put on the tray is really rude. When there are other people wanting to try them you are getting the evil eye. You may not see everyone staring at you but they are I promise, if looks could kill it would be at moments like this. As I said in my previous post there is plenty to go around and you will get your sample of food.

Don’t Sample While Sick

If you are sick and you have to go to the store that is fine but don’t try foods while you are sick. When you are sneezing, sniffling, and coughing all over the place you are contaminating everything. When you are doing all of this and sampling food you are spreading germs to everything in your vicinity. This includes the other samples, tray or plate, and the sampler themselves. When it is flu season and everyone is sick germs are spread from shopping carts to freezer door handles which everyone touches. This is another reason why you don’t grab items on the sample area such as napkins because each one is contaminated when you touch them.

Think Before You Speak

If you see a sample such a tea or margarita mix there isn’t any alcohol in it. Asking if there is might seem funny to you but it has already been asked fifty times. The person on the other side of the table can only laugh so much at the same joke before it gets old. If it is late in the afternoon don’t say whatever funny joke is in your head because it isn’t funny anymore. You will find some more uncomfortable silence between the two of you at this point in the day.

Don’t Argue

If you walk up to an area with fruit and the sampler tells you what it is, do not argue with them. I once saw a customer argue whether or not a piece of fruit was a peach or a nectarine. If you are told it’s a peach then it is a peach. The person sampling the food know what it is and are not trying to steer you wrong or lie to you. I understand at first glance when some fruits are not ripe they can look similar so if you say “Oh I thought that was a peach thank you” there is no need to continue your doubt. When you continue to argue though no one is listening to you especially when it is busy.

Nutrition is a Good Thing

Among the many samples in stores do not pass over the healthy stuff. I have actually heard “No way that is too healthy for me!” really? That does not sound funny especially when there are children present. Our country has some of the largest kids over anywhere else so that is a really bad example to set. Healthy choices in life can prevent a lot of health problems as they get older, if you have children please encourage healthy eating while out sampling food. Fresh fruits and vegetables and raw foods are the best kind to eat. Processed foods are okay every now and then but not on a daily basis. With so many problems with wheat and gluten popping up we need to think about how we eat.


If you are allergic to ingredients let that be known and you will be just fine. You do not have to go into detail on what happens to you. The person sampling the food and everyone else around you does not want the mental images. It is important to make sure you are not allergic to a food before you try it but keep the side effects out of the conversation.

I hope between this hub and my previous hub that I have created a decent guide line on how to successfully sample food at a store. Basic manners are all that you need when making a trip to the store and sampling food. If you remember those then you will have a pleasant shopping trip if you don’t use them though you can make many people uncomfortable.


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